" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 27, 2018

Season of the Witch and a Discovery of Witches?

Where Did Halloween Begin and Do Witches Really Exist? White Witch Patti Negri Explains
Well, no sooner had I posted my last post about Teresa Palmer, Dumbo/Dubbo and the number and movie 222 -
Another Elephant in the Room and Baby in the Womb?
I see the guys at the 'Truth Be Told' podcast site had just uploaded their current podcast episode, which was a talk with a white witch named Patti Negri ... and these guys kept harping on about the number 222.
I also found out Teresa's latest project is starring as a witch in some British TV show called 'A Discovery of Witches'.  
I also listened to the latest 'Rune Soup' podcast Thursday and left this comment below at 'Rune Soup', after hearing a real good interview with Jamie Lee Curtis on ABC Radio
"On the subject of Halloween, I listened to a very good and passionate Australian ABC podcast interview with Jamie Lee Curtis about her starring in the new ‘Halloween’ movie starting today [last Thursday] in Australian cinemas.
The podcast was called ‘An unconventional interview with Jamie Lee Curtis’ … and it certainly was.
You can hear it at this link here –
Jamie Lee Curtis stars in Halloween
Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis smashes US box office
in female revenge fantasy for the #MeToo era
I also noticed Jamie was born on the 22nd of November.
Kind of interesting, I think.
I actually saw the new 'Halloween' movie with my sons at the cinema on Thursday night.
Oddly enough, I just started reading Gordon White's 'The Chaos Protocols' today (which I've had on my bookcase shelf for a while) after just having finished Mark Anthony's excellent book 'Evidence of Eternity(which I've had on my bookcase shelf for a while, too).
I only read Mark's book after hearing him interviewed on the 'Truth Be Told' podcast Mark was on a few weeks back.
I had kind of forgot I had Mark's book on my shelf until then and thanks to the 'Truth Be Told' podcast boys, I have now read the book, which seems to be perfect timing for me to have read it.
I mentioned Mike Perry and his coincidence blog in my last post, and he lives in Cornwall, where the 'Scarlet Imprint' couple Gordon White talked to also live.
So, Happy Halloween and go see a scary movie I guess:-)
I give the new 'Halloween' movie 3 stars if you were wondering and I don't plan on watching 'A Discovery of Witches', as it looks too Twlighty, Buffy, Charmed, for my liking. 
Sorry Teresa ... but it looks good though, if those type of shows float your boat.
I'll wait for 'Ride Like a Girl' to come out at the cinema.

UPDATE: October 2018

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