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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 3, 2018

Battling Booze Addiction in Australia?

Samantha Hoult
The local beer that
I'm currently drinking
'If you have one more drink, you will die': Battling booze addiction in Australia
"From a woman who became a "full-blown alcoholic" at 18 to rough sleepers who drink hand sanitiser and mouthwash, thousands of Australian lives are ruined by alcohol addiction
And it does not discriminate.
Samantha Hoult
was a "full-blown alcoholic" by the time she was 18.
When she was 27, she was rushed to the emergency department with liver failure.
"The fact that the doctor said,
'If you have one more drink, you will die', it just hit me like a tonne of bricks," she said.
"And I knew that something had to change."
Ms Hoult
, now 32, has been sober ever since."

XXXX Gold and vodka, Samantha's daily choice?
Gyton Grantley as Ruben Guthrie
Gyton Grantley in the
Bundaberg Rum commercial
Ruben Guthrie, Alcoholism and Bundaberg Rum?
My Alex Grey coin, which I still have,
unlike my
gold wedding ring:-)
I came across the news story on the ABC news site with Samantha Hoult holding her gold AA coin not long after listening to Noah Lampert interview Alex Grey, which I wrote about in this post -
Synchronicity #150: Noah Lampert Talks with the Greys ... Minus Allyson;-)
And what struck me was my gold coin to get into Alex Grey's Entheon looks very similar in design to the coin I saw Samantha Hoult holding in the news story.
I actually like having a drink, but I don't go overboard ... at least not on a daily basis.
I can't stand having a hangover or vomiting after heavy drinking, so my brain is programmed to avoid such drinking, pretty much like the 'A Clockwork Orange' effect.
Although I am well aware that many fellow Australians do go way overboard when it comes to booze.
'A Clockwork Orange'
The Many Faces of COINcidence?
"Carl Jung recommended spirituality as a cure for alcoholism, and he is considered to have had an indirect role in establishing Alcoholics Anonymous.
Jung once treated an American patient (Rowland Hazard III), suffering from chronic alcoholism. After working with the patient for some time and achieving no significant progress, Jung told the man that his alcoholic condition was near to hopeless, save only the possibility of a spiritual experience.
Jung noted that, occasionally, such experiences had been known to reform alcoholics when all other options had failed.
took Jung's advice seriously and set about seeking a personal, spiritual experience.
He returned home to the United States and joined a First-Century Christian evangelical movement known as the Oxford Group (later known as Moral Re-Armament).
He also told other alcoholics what Jung had told him about the importance of a spiritual experience.
One of the alcoholics he brought into the Oxford Group was Ebby Thacher, a long-time friend and drinking buddy of Bill Wilson, later co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
Thacher told Wilson about the Oxford Group and, through them, Wilson became aware of Hazard's experience with Jung.
The influence of Jung thus indirectly found its way into the formation of Alcoholics Anonymous, the original twelve-step program.
The above claims are documented in the letters of Jung and Bill Wilson, excerpts of which can be found in Pass It On, published by Alcoholics Anonymous.
Although the detail of this story is disputed by some historians, Jung himself discussed an Oxford Group member, who may have been the same person, in talks given around 1940.
The remarks were distributed privately in transcript form, from shorthand taken by an attender (Jung reportedly approved the transcript), and later recorded in Volume 18 of his Collected Works, The Symbolic Life."
The final scene of the movie 'Bronson'
No matter what society does to us, sometimes we are our own prisoners when it comes to individual choices and only we can really bail ourselves out or lock ourselves up.
Bronson in solitary in the movie 'Bronson'
This Jungian Life #25: Tarot, I Ching & Methods of Divination?
You can only ever travel one day at a time, as they say.

UPDATE: Oct(s)ober 5th, 2018
Just saw this story about Ben Affleck on the web media and thought it probably deserved to be tagged onto this post.
Now in recovery, 46-year-old Affleck says the work is never over
""Battling any addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle. Because of that, one is never really in or out of treatment. It is a full-time commitment," he wrote on Instagram."
It seems like everyone has their 'Dark Knight' to face.
Revolution Sold Separately ... on Cable?
Hmm ... 23 producing credits for Ben at IMDB, the last two being for 'The Batman' and 'Thirst'.
Need I write anymore?-)

UPDATE: 2018

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