" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 2, 2019

Unresolvable Conundrums: Ride Like a Girl Flogging a Dead Horse?

You know what THEY say about green eyes?-)
I was watching David Plate's 'Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: Everything Predicts 9-11' and saw he had used the Waterloo scene from the Australian movie 'Muriel's Wedding' starring Rachel Griffiths, who directed the movie hitting cinema screens in Australia now, called 'Ride Like a Girl', a story starring Teresa Palmer as Michelle Payne.
What a Payne: Part #Too?
I saw 'Ride Like a Girl' at an early release screening the day after my birthday and I really liked it.
But then again it felt like my life story was also all tangled up in this tale, as I grew up going to racecourses all around the Brisbane area as a kid, even though I've never ridden a horse in my life.
I love horse racing, even though I haven't been to the track much in the last 20 years or so, and I still love to have a bet on Melbourne Cup Day and watch the race meet on TV at least.
I had to laugh when the Brisbane racetrack Doomben got a mention in the film, as I spent many a day in my youth there, even though Eagle Farm and Albion Park were my favourite Brisbane racetracks.
There used to be a not so well thought out advertising jingle that went "Do it all at Doomben" and I would agree with that, as I rarely walked out of that place on race day a winner, as I had done all my money, which wasn't much for a teenager:-)
Edutainment: Understanding That the Movie IS the Movie?
And all the world's a stage ...
especially this month in Brisbane:-)
I got the idea for this post's title when I came home from the cinema with a 'Ride Like a Girl' flyer and casually threw it on my dining room table and it landed on a headline I was still gloating over, because even though the team on the front page of the newspaper is from my hometown of Brisbane, I can't stand the club.
I was a life member of the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks way before this team ever came into the national competition, and while I enjoyed being there to watch them smash Manly in their first home game, things slowly went downhill fast from that point and the Broncos became a club I disliked more than Manly.
Ironically, it was Manly that ended the Sharks season this year, but at least we put up a fight when our season ended:-)
I dislike the Brisbane Broncos as much as I love the Brisbane Lions AFL club, which is a LOT.
58-0? 5+8=13:-)
This is the only time I like watching
dead horses
getting flogged:-)
Actually I have an amusing post about the demise of both of my footy club's seasons on the night of Sam Neill's birthday coming up soon.

Here's that post I promised -
Bad Omens: The Final Finals Conflict ... For 2019?
And an even more WTF(?) post after the 2019 NRL Grand Final train-wreck -
October 6th: The Final Conflict?-)
"Six Again"?!
And back to our normal programming, or older post -
As fate would have it, I caught a podcast this morning featuring Rachel Griffiths, where she was talking about the term "ride ... or play like a girl " being an insult that you might say to a male footy player who has a bad shot at goal.
Rachel Griffiths Is Reclaiming ‘Like A Girl
Yesterday I Decided to See Yesterday Tomorrow Which Was Today?
I couldn't help laughing thinking back to the 'Muriel's Wedding' talent quest and seeing Barry Crocker playing himself handing over the winning prize was hilarious, as "having a Barry Crocker" is an Australian slang term meaning to have a shocker, a similar saying to "play like a girl", ironically:-)
I noticed that Barry Crocker was born on November 4th, 1935, which was the day before Melbourne Cup Day that year, which is run on the first Tuesday of November.
Close Barry, but no win ... or cigar:-)
I guess Eric Stoltz must have had a Barry Crocker not to be Marty McFly up on the screen?-)
Hmm ... what is it with Hollywood and doubles this year?-)
I guess David Plate was right when he said everything predicts 9-11?
Ignore the November 12th date, as that is for a future post
that I'll come
back to when it's written:-)
Don't you feel like life is one big conundrum?
I'm not into rodeos and the like, but that book above would make a good movie too Rach;-)
And maybe you could squeeze a quick scene in of Agent Smith in a red dress, too;-)
Fiona Johnson, the actress from
The Matrix (1999)
The Wild Ride of Fiona Johnson in this Earthly Matrix?

Well, I must say that I was dumbfounded when I watched this TV show last night about Australian racehorses being slaughtered pretty much in my own backyard, well, the other side of my hometowns of Brisbane/Logan, in Keith Urban's hometown of Caboolture
Any horse lover like me growing up at the racetrack watching these magnificent animals go round would have to be appalled by those f#cking animals "working" in that slaughterhouse and treating those horses like that.
I sincerely hope that it is true that in an afterlife review that you have to experience the pain and fear that you have inflicted deliberately on another living being.
I'm sure that the majority in the racing industry do the right thing, but now I'm wondering just how big the minority really is.
This would be scenes I would expect to see in a third world country, not Australia.
Just like at the track, I believe in life and death, what goes around comes around.

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