" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 6, 2019

Alchemy, Splendor Solis and the Reunion Nugget?

The "Reunion Nugget"
In a bizarre tricksterish twist of fate, I read an article about
Stephen Skinner's book 'Splender Solis' in a
'Mind Body Spirit' magazine that I have been reading this week and a magazine which I have already written a few posts about recently on this blog, such as -
Searching for the Stars?
As soon as I had read the article about this translation of the ancient alchemy text I saw a news story about a gold nugget found in a Scottish river and dubbed the "Reunion Nugget" and it was reported by a guy named Tom Livingstone -
Record gold nugget discovered in Scottish river
I'm not someone who believes that alchemy was about making real gold from a base metal, I'm more into Jung's take on alchemy, but who knows what's possible on this strange plane we live on and in, right?-)
I was sure I'd heard of Dr. Skinner before, but I couldn't place just where I'd heard of him, so I did a podcast search through Apple Podcasts to try and find Dr. Skinner being interviewed about his alchemy book.
I found a number of interesting podcasts featuring Stephen and his interests (mainly on ceremonial magick, which I'm not interested in trying out to be honest), but I settled on listening to him on a podcast from two months ago (the You Tube above) from the 'Lighting the Void' radio show/podcast, where Dr. Skinner talks about Spirits, Grimoires, and Feng Shui.
Oddly enough, the latest 'Lighting the Void' radio/podcast (the You Tube below) was also about alchemy, featuring Jay Weidner (who I always get confused with Jay Dyer, the Christian conspiracy nut-bag always raving on about evil Hollywood) and his views on alchemy, which I found interesting.
I've got to mention that I wouldn't mind having a copy of
'Splender Solis' sitting on my bookshelf sometime in the future.
If you are into magick and want to hear Dr. Skinner talk about his thoughts about what magick means to him, you can hear a lot of podcasts he has been on at the 'Glitch Bottle' podcast.
Looks like I've hit a vein of synchromystic gold here.
And to think I nearly wrote a "vain" of gold, silly old me.
I'm just no good when it comes to SPELLing I guess;-)
vain / vane / vein
I had to laugh when I was listening to the
Bob Charles interview with Dr. Skinner when at around the 29th minute of the interview Dr. Skinner mentions how some guy thought he could use an egg as the base material to make gold, as the other day when pulling some weeds in my back garden I came across an egg, which appeared to have been laid by some creature.
The egg had either hatched or its contents been eaten by some predator, but it baffled me to just what sort of egg this was, as to me it looked like a hen's egg.
I thought it may have been some kind of reptile egg at first, but as I dug it out it seemed just like an ordinary hen's egg.
This baffled the s#!t out of me, as I have a six foot fence around my backyard, so I don't see how a chook could have got in and then back out of my backyard after laying an egg. 
And as far as I know there are no chickens near me, so this egg is just another one of life's mysteries for me to figure out.
Now, finding a gold nugget as big as a hen's egg in my garden would really be something to write about, wouldn't it?
I wish I could bank on that happening;-)

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