" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 1, 2019

Getting Caught in the Downdraft and Being Stung by the Trickster for Not Following My Heart?

I found an old Melbourne Cup betting ticket in my wallet the other day for a $50 losing bet on a horse named Downdraft.
It was going to pay 31 to 1 (a $1500 profit) if Downdraft had have won on the day, but Downdraft finished 22nd in the race that once stopped a nation.
I had talked myself into the bet the night before after reading the form-guide, as well as a short story in Richard Bach's book 'The Gift of Wings' titled 'Too Many Dumb Pilots':-)
And I remember thinking that it should be easy spotting a jockey dressed like a bee:-)
I had seen the word "downdraft" in the short story about dumb pilots as I was trying to make up my mind which horse to put my $50 on in the Melbourne Cup the next day.
My heart was telling me to back horse 23, Vow and Declare, but my head was telling me horse number 14, Downdraft, as what are the odds of seeing a word I hadn't remembered seeing for ages just as I saw a horse named Downdraft, which had a nice weight drop and good form as well?
My heart and that nagging inner voice kept telling me Vow and Declare, but I talked myself out of it thinking rationally that I only liked Vow and Declare because 23 was my favourite as well as birth-date number and that I had also won about $540 by backing #23 last year.
Picking a Winner?
But last year my heart and head were in agreement with each other, this year they weren't.
I had also just watched Tracey Dolan tell how when doing remote viewing that you have to go with your gut instincts and not listen to those voices of rational doubt -
Remote Viewing: An Ingo Swann Event?
I just knew that the universe was going to sting me for doubting my inner voice, even though the $igns were literally pointing me in the direction of a Downdraft.
I guess the laugh is on me, as I could have won around $800 if I had have listened to my heart instead of my head and backed the winner.
But I thought the Trickster missed a real opportunity by not making my horse finish 23rd instead of 22nd.
Now that would have been a real laugh with #23 winning while my $50 was on the 23rd placed horse:-)
I vow and declare that I'll be letting my soul be my pilot when it comes to picking next year's horse for the cup.

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