" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 13, 2019

'He Will Live Up in the Sky' and the Game of Conspiracy?

The green eye is a nice touch there Steve;-)
I listened to the latest 'Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio' podcast featuring Chris Knowles talking about his new book
'He Will Live Up in the Sky' (the free part that is) as I was putting up the huge Christmas tree this week that now stands in my living room (a living room which is not up in the sky;-) and I came across a Steve Jackson game I had bought in the early 2000s and have actually never played called
'Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy'when I was digging through the cupboard looking for the Christmas Tree to put up for Christmas.
Looks like there are three other Illuminati games to buy, as well
Apparently it's the Munchkin games that bring in the money at SJG
In fact I have never played any role playing games, as the thought of playing them bores me to tears.
I bought the Illuminati game more for the art, like some people would buy a set of tarot cards just to look at the pictures, just like some guys (and girls) buy magazines not to read for the articles;-)
A sample of cards from the Illuminati game
Listening to the books Chris mentions in the podcast that influenced Chris to write his novel, I noticed Steve Jackson listed a lot of them in the bibliography in the booklet that came with the game.
Snake eyes on the Illuminati dice?-)
Maybe Apple, Facebook, Twitter or Google would have been better names?-)
High Profile Rituals and/or Synchromysticism?
Jake Kotze's Instagram post
I've had this book on the shelf for years, but am yet to read it
So while I haven't read Chris' novel yet, it sounds like he and Steve Jackson are kind of on the same page, or at least the same board.
Let's hope it's all nothing but junk mail and fiction and nothing like how the real world is run today.
But Murphy's Law and all.
The real thing I find disturbing in the card game is that groups like the "Flat-Earthers" have seemed to have been weaponized by groups who like to shine the spotlight on these nut-bags as if they are what real truth-seekers are all about.
Which seems a good way for groups like NASA, who might have some real skeletons in the cupboard worth taking a closer look at, to have the heat taken off them by pointing the finger at these flat-earth jokers for the public to have a good laugh at.
I think I'll give this game to my son to play with his geeky role playing friends.
And as for Chris' book, I'm sure it's a good read, but I'm all Illuminatied out at this stage and board with it all right now.
But that's probably just what they want me to think, right?-)
Now where did I put that cup of Kool-Aid and the remote control for my Netflix channel, as I'm sure there is a Marvel movie I haven't yet watched somewhere on there?-)
Indrid Cold, commonly known as The Smiling Man:-)
I just wish I could find a "woke" version of
'Baby, It's Indrid Cold Outside', as that will make my boiling hot, bush-fired up Aussie Christmas real cool in the eyes of my neighbours the Jones's, who I find it hard to keep up with;-)
Oh well, there is always Katy's semi-naked body to watch on repeat, I guess.

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