" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 17, 2019

The Secret Language of the Universe?

I haven't read Laura Lynne Jackson's book
'Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe', but I did listen to Laura talk about the ideas behind why she wrote the book at the 'Life, Death and the Space Between' podcast yesterday and most of what she says resonates with my own beliefs.
I looked up the reviews of the book at the Goodreads website to see if it might be worth a read at some point in the future and the majority of the book reviews were very positive reviews.
There was one negative review I saw from a lady named Rebecca Ford, who gave the book two stars, and which caught my eye -
I find it ironic that Rebecca's main criticism in her review was about Chelsea Handler's viewpoint about life and death.
Rebecca wrote -
"My pride is taking a bit of a hit admitting this, but I wanted to believe.
Grief messes with you.
It made this lifelong skeptic take pause, buy a freaking book, and say, “but what if?”
And despite it being relatively simple to explain the well-documented tricks mediums use to create the illusion that they have any sort of special abilities, so many of us still continue to turn the other cheek.
Maybe it’s just not that easy to let go of the hope that you can still talk to the people you love once they’re gone.
But in the end, Laura Lynne Jackson and her book, “Signs”, still couldn’t convince me that there is an “other side” any more than she could convince me that some of us possess an ability to communicate with the dead.
Despite a ringing endorsement from newly-woke comedian 
Chelsea Handler and an admittedly fascinating podcast, in the end, I had to side with reason.
It’s a lovely concept, if you don’t think too critically about it: the existence of the “other side”, shrouded in love and light.
A reality where death isn’t real and we get to be with our loved ones again.
Not just our loved ones, either, apparently.
Our pets and our unborn babies, too, according to Laura Lynne!"
Looks like timing is everything when it comes to signs, as soon as I had read Rebecca's book  review mentioning Chelsea I see the news about Chelsea's friend Chuy Bravo suddenly passing away this week -
Chelsea Handler pays tribute to Chuy Bravo after his death
I just don't know whether Chelsea's friend's passing is a sign that I should read Laura's 'Signs' book or not.
I wrote a post on May 8, 2011 about meeting Paulo Coelho in my hometown of Brisbane Australia back in 1998 titled -
A Monocled Monk Swimming
The dragonfly that flew into my
 home on 
May 8, 2019
Look Mate (May 8?-), a Dragonfly Just Flew Into My Home?
Hmm  ... maybe I should read Laura's book.

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