" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 10, 2019

High Profile Rituals and/or Synchromysticism?

Jake Kotze's Instagram post
As if the Trickster was listening in on Chris and Freeman's conversation about the Deep Space 9 and other related topics discussed at the Free Zone podcast just hours before, Jake Kotze points out in an Instagram post the death on December 8th, 2019 of 'Deep Space 9' and 'The Little Mermaid' actor RenΓ© Murat Auberjonois, as well as the death of rappeJuice WRLD who had a prominent thing for 999.
FREE ZONE ARCHIVES: High Profile Rituals – Christopher Knowles
Cloning Around with Chinese Astrology and Other High Profile Rituals?
We're a day ahead of The States over here in Australia, so it was probably the 9th over here when they both passed away.
Take a look at the numerous acting roles that Rene had at Rene's IMDB page that resonates with the subjects talked about by Freeman and Chris in that podcast.
Not to mention that Rene's first acting role was in a movie titled 'Lilith', which has a rating of 6.9 Freeman;-)
You do know about Crowley and the number 69 don't you 
Suck eggs if you don't I guess;-)
And here is a bit of trivia I just found out, Crowley was born in and died in the Year of the Pig.
And Crowley was born in 1875, the same year as Carl Jung.
December 8th, 2019, marks the 39th anniversary of the John Lennon shooting, as well.
Strange days indeed.


  1. Someone posted this
    In his song “All Girls Are The Same” he says

    ..All this jealousy and agony that I sit in
    I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon..

    John Lennon died on December 8th, 1980

  2. Interesting SpeedyT.
    To be honest I had not heard of Juice WRLD until I saw his obituary in the news this week, as well as Jake Kotze's Instagram.
    Kind of freaky that he would die on the 39th (3x9?) anniversary of JL's death then.

  3. No i was no the wiser who he was.More strangeness
    On June 19, 2018 – the day following the death of XXXtentacion – Juice released the song Legends containing the lyrics:

    “What’s the 27 club? We ain’t making it past 21.”

    Juice died at age 21.

  4. Rather prophetic on his part ... though he did seem to do his best to make that one come true with all of the party gear he had stashed about.