" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 10, 2019

Cloning Around with Chinese Astrology and Other High Profile Rituals?

Two monkey-pig hybrids have been engineered in a Chinese laboratory?
Well of course it had to happen that as soon as Chris Knowles mentions that the CRISPR thing has been quiet lately in the mass media circuit that a story about some mad scientists in China hits the headlines straight after he mentions it in a
podcast to Freeman Fly, and in the Year of the Pig, as well, about pig/monkeys being made in a lab -
Monkey-pig hybrids created by Chinese scientists in pursuit of transplant Holy Grail
And I found that
podcast chat between FreeMan/Fly and Chris Knowles entertaining (I only listened to the free part ironically), if not just a touch comical when they let their imagination get away from reality.
But hey, just what is reality anyway, right?-)
Ladies/Women in Black and the Weird Sync-web of the Spider-verse?
I like reading Chris Knowles blog, but Freeman's stuff to me swings wildly between the truth and total BS.
And everything Freeman looks at seems to be viewed through a satanic fly eye point of view and I'm just not a believer in satan, or even a real Jesus, to be honest.
Still we all like a good story, don't we?
And it's always better to think of yourself as the hero while you ignore the beam poking out of your eye to look at the other guys' beam, I guess;-)
And as for one of my favourite musicians in Peter Gabriel being portrayed as Dr.Evil of the NWO by Chris, I would be shocked if this turned out to be the case:-)
I don't doubt that there are a lot of evil bastards in this world trying to manipulate whoever they can for their own greedy egoistical purposes, but they are on every-side in whatever group you belong to or happen to cheer for.
Hey, the Aussie PM Scott Morrison is a Sharks member and so am I, and so what?
I'd have a beer with him after the game, but it doesn't mean that we share the same world views.
I'll bet that Scott hasn't got one of these though:-)
Some people do like to sell their souls (if that were at all possible) to anyone who will get them to the big time ... but usually crash big time in the end anyway.
Tell God your plans and all that, right?-)
How Janet Jackson's Super Bowl 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Helped Start YouTube
And yes You Tube are some of the biggest hypocrites and gate-keepers on the net with all the videos being taken down and channels shut down.
just take a look and notice all of the holes punched in my old posts where I uploaded You Tubes to complement my posts and now there is just notices telling you how You Tube deleted the video or closed the channel down.
FREE ZONE ARCHIVES: High Profile Rituals – Christopher Knowles
Being evil is a backwards way to live I think ... and no good can come of it for those who do:-)

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