" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 14, 2019

Russell Brand and David Lynch in Conversation?

I love how the internet will throw something totally not what I was looking for my way, but which I really appreciated stumbling across, like this podcast link below to a conversation between Russell Brand and David Lynch -
I was actually doing a search in Apple podcasts for any podcast that the author featured in my last post, Antony Loewenstein might have been on, not that I really found what I was searching for as far as Antony goes -
The Elephant/Pig in the Room?
I'm not into TM or any form of meditation really, as I think my mind seems to go into a meditative state quite naturally by itself through some kind of default mode when I'm not heavily focusing on a task at hand.
Maybe my Higher Self puts my mind into that state for me.
It's not like my mind goes blank or anything like that, it just goes into a sense of calm, wonder and gratitude to help me observe the world around me and that is part of me ... or me part of it rather.
If I could put this state of mind into a pill or drug and sell it then I would be a very rich man indeed.
I don't have to sit on a beach and meditate like the guy above to get into a similar mind state.
All I have to do is take a walk and be aware of whats presented to my open wondering mind from the universe happening around me.
I don't have to shut it all out, I just have to observe in a detached kind of way.
The only real mind state I need to achieve each day is sleep ... but I'm guessing you need to be in that mind state regularly, too;-)
Maybe I should wear a t-shirt with something like the above words to alert people when I'm walking through a park, on a beach, or just standing at my kitchen sink washing the dishes?
I can see why people like Russell would need to do something like TM, because to me he seems like a manic personality who is always on.
Resonating with Russell's energy 24/7 would drive me crazy, as much as I like his insights about life and his comical observations about what he perceives life is all about. 
I don't need to sign up for a meditation course or mindfulness training.
All that talk about sucking lozenges in that You Tube of David and Russell on stage makes me think that there is plenty of suckers out there who feel they need to sign up for a meditation class to calm their own mind.
I don't need some so called "guru" to tell me about life, as I feel my inner guru is a pretty good teacher and is plugged into the ultimate teacher of the whole shebang.
I think it is a pretty accurate observation that if you don't flow with life, it will drag you down a harsher path to teach you a similar lesson.
And I don't feel that I need to study or try to get something from meditation.
I think I need to study and pay attention to where my mind drifts off to at the end of the day and recall what those mind trips were trying to tell me or teach me
Meditation is like a donut compared to the real nourishment of sleep I think.
That's where I think the real riches of a person's life lay.
I think if Lynch was honest and really laid his cards on the table he would admit that it's his dreams and not his TM sessions where he gets a lot of his inspirations for his art from.
Which is why David Lynch can't really tell you what his work is all about, because like most artists, he isn't consciously sure why himself.
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  1. I love this post! I think when I am not tripping my own self up with some grumpy shit, I groove along too in my garden or whatnot. I picked about 6 quarts of mulberries today after a good rain and got then made into puree for leather and and dehydrated half as well and loved the mulberries in all their public access free fruit glory.

  2. Only nutters eat the landscaping haha.