" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 28, 2019

The I Ching, Carl Jung and 'The Red Book'?

I finally got around to reading all of Brian Browne Walker's 'The I Ching or Book of Changes'.
I read the old-fashioned paper book version and used real coins when consulting the book, but you can buy the app and do it by tapping your phone if that's what you prefer, but I don't.
I wanted to read right through the book before trying the coins out, but when I got to about hexagram #14, I was starting to think that while the advice was poetic and wise I couldn't see how throwing the coins and reading the number hexagram I threw was going to give me anything but general spiritual advice, so I threw the coins and got hexagram #28.
I found this hexagram interesting, because the night before when I was lying in bed, I heard a big crack like the beam in my roof was breaking.
Then not long after the first crack I heard another and hoped the roof wasn't going to collapse on top of me, but I realized it was probably just the beam contracting from the cold night air.
It kind of reminded me of Jung's argument with Freud in the movie 'A Dangerous Method', so to throw hexagram #28 the next day and see it was about a sagging roof beam under pressure struck me as a real COINcidence, since I hadn't read about that particular hexagram up to that point.
My enquirery was about whether to move or stay in my home.
The first unit I rented after my divorce was a number 28, as well.
The reason I wanted to read the I Ching/Book of Changes was because of Jung's fascination with it.
Precursor to the I Ching: Cracks in a Turtle Shell?
Well, at least I had ticked reading the I Ching off my bucket list, now I just have to read Jung's 'The Red Book' which is sitting on a bookshelf right next to me.
I listened to a podcast recently about the I Ching and Jung's Red Book was mentioned -
What's This Tao All About Podcast: Show 55The Tao of Carl Jung and Chapter 44
I'd bought six I Ching coins through the mail to use with my I Ching book, but the coins turned out to be as big as poker chips.
Still, I used them, I just have to use two hands to throw them.
I use a computer site to record my coin throws and have the program add the lines up and tell me of any changing lines -
Consult the Yijing /I Ching with real coins
Now I'm finally reading Benebell Wen's 'The Tao of Craft', which I wrote about in this post -
Thoth Hermes Podcast: Episode 7 – Benebell Wen
Maybe I'll start on The Red Book after I've read Benebell's book?

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