" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 25, 2019

50th Anniversary of the Nixon/Guam Doctrine?

Apocalypse Now turns 40 this year by the way
A plate of shrimp?!
"The Nixon Doctrine, also known as the Guam Doctrine, was put forth during a press conference in Guam on July 25, 1969 by President of the United States Richard Nixon and later formalized in his speech on Vietnamization of the Vietnam War on November 3, 1969.
According to Gregg Brazinsky, author of "Nation Building in South Korea: Koreans, Americans, and the Making of a Democracy", Nixon stated that "the United States would assist in the defense and developments of allies and friends", but would not "undertake all the defense of the free nations of the world."
This doctrine meant that each ally nation was in charge of its own security in general, but the United States would act as a
nuclear umbrella when requested.
The Doctrine argued for the pursuit of peace through a partnership with American allies."
Isa Genzken
In Margot Robbie's home country (mine too) Australia, the movie starring her as Sharon Tate is released on cinema screens on
August 15th, which coincidentally is the 40th anniversary release date of the USA cinema release of 'Apocalypse Now'.
It's also the 35th anniversary of the movie 'Repo Man' starring the son of Martin Sheen ... no not Charlie;-)
Emilio Estevez and Tracey Walter in Repo Man (1984)
I only used the 'Repo Man' movie in this post because of the
"plate of shrimp" link between 'Repo Man' and 'Apocalypse Now', plus the link between the two stars of both films.
And because 'Repo Man' was about a nuclear weapon in the boot of a car.
Don't tread on me in the Year of the Pig?-)
The Gadsden flag
2019 sure is a big year for anniversary's and to think two years ago Trump's mate in North Korea was threatening to blow Guam out of the water.
"In August 2017, North Korea warned that it might launch mid-range ballistic missiles into waters within 18 to 24 miles (29 to 39 km) of Guam, following an exchange of threats between the governments of North Korea and the United States."
So North Korea was trying to make waves over Guam?-)
And today July 25th, 2019?!
Well, speak of the devil ... no not Trump, the other dickhead -
North Korea fires two unidentified projectiles into the sea, South Korea says
The world hasn't changed that much in 50 years as far a potential man made apocalypse goes, and it seems humans don't even need a war to bring it on NOW. 
Things on this planet are literally heating up it seems.
Surfs up?!
The front page of the July 17th, 2019
Queensland newspaper
From the July 17th, 2019 Queensland newspaper
A plate of shrimp?!
I noticed a plate of what we Aussies call prawns, but sold to Americans as shrimp on the same page as a story about Queenslander Margot Robbie wearing Sharon Tate's real life jewelry in the film.
All the world is a ... synch at some stage?-)

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