" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 17, 2019

Take Me Out to the Ball Game ... You Bet?

You can certainly bet that we are living in synchromystic times in this gamble we call life.
I just listened to Greg Carlwood's latest podcast about the professional sports industry and his rant about how gullible people like me who love watching football and other sports are, and him trying to tell us sports fans with the aid of Brian Tuohy just how rigged it all is.
The happy days of the 2016 season for my team
I dread to think what OUR destiny holds in 2019 ... notice I said OUR destiny, Greg?-)
And while I'm not saying that certain players can't be bought to lose a game (all you would have to do is bribe a goalkeeper in a soccer team) I don't think there is as much skullduggery going on in team sports as Greg would imagine in his chat with Brian.
Boxing sure, but football not so much, I think.
I don't follow sports like basketball and baseball, but interestingly I did see this article below in my local July 1st, 2019 Australian newspaper about the Red Sox playing the Yankees in London.
New York beat Boston 17-13
London Stadium
Funny thing is this London baseball game was in the same paper and on the same spread (no sports betting pun intended there:-) as the "Charles to Mark 50th" story.
The July 1st Queensland 'Courier Mail' newspaper
In Australian Rules football to "mark" is to catch a ball on the full and to be awarded a free kick.
Time for a New Lion King?
The July 1st Queensland 'Courier Mail' newspaper
I also found it interesting that a story about swine fever killing half of China's breeding pigs in the 'Year of the Pig' was also in the same newspaper spread.
I've been watching Scott Onstott's thought provoking video 'Secrets in Plain Sight' and in the above section of that video he talks about the dog star Sirius rising in August in Washington DC.
Synchronicity in Number?
PAWGUST?! Sirius-ly Seriously?! 
Gnostic Times, & Decolonizing Our Ideas as THC Re-launches on August 8th?
Timing is everything in life, isn't it Greg, whether you think it's all rigged or not?-)
The July 1st Queensland 'Courier Mail' newspaper
Ironically the front page of the July 1st newspaper was about the Gold Logie award being, more or less, rigged by the guy who won it.
This TV award is "voted" by the television viewing public, but just like the current POTUS if you put an idea in the voting public's head you can get enough votes to be awarded something that you truly don't deserve to have.
To be honest if I had of voted in the Gold Logie award I would have voted for Tom as well, because I think the Gold Logie is a joke anyway.
And while I think Trump is nothing but a joke as a POTUS, there is no way I would have voted for him if I was an American citizen.
I've just forked out over $60 to watch my favourite AFL team play this Saturday night and I'm taking my youngest son (who loves the footy as much as I do) with me.
My youngest son pictured nearly 20 years ago
My money is on the Lions to win, but the game could be rigged, in which case that's the only way a Kangaroo victory would be possible I imagine now Greg;-)
Lions by 33 points I say ... or at least by 8;-)
Oh, and the Lion's victory song is sung to the tune of the French national anthem.
And I'll be singing it at the end of the game on Saturday ... if the game's not been rigged in the Roo's favour that is:-)

Brisbane Lions' AFL premiership chances are looking good as the top teams hit a slump
Just when I thought the game might have been rigged, the Lions pulled the game out of the fire;-)
A night out at the footy ... priceless?
You bet it is.

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