" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 31, 2019

2019 OK?

Having belatedly seen this news story above about an asteroid that nearly hammered the earth last Thursday (that's a Thor joke I threw in there using the word "hammered":-), I THORght that hellish heavenly body gives Jake's 2007 synch video a bit more synchromystic relevance in my recent post -
Sea Lions, Lions, Leos and Synchromystic Man on the Moon Anniversaries in 2019?
And maybe the dead "Nostradamus of the Balkans" who predicted a meteor strike this year is up there saying, "missed by that much" -
Three Large Asteroids Prompt NASA to Issue Near Earth Object Alert?
Her hit rate seems very unimpressive so far this year ... and thank God for that ... maybe?
But the year is a long way from over yet.
Still, I like to imagine 2019 being OK as far as disasters go.


  1. Those predictions from Baba...yikes!

  2. Yeah, well half the year has past and her strike rate for 2019 is pretty much zilch, so I wouldn't be upping my insurance premiums (not that I have much insurance apart from on my car) just yet Trish.
    She sounds pretty much like the so called prophet that people like to compare her to, Nostradamus.
    There's a doco on Amazon Prime called 'Nostradamus 2020' worth watching just to see what trash his work really is.
    If I was a weatherman describing their future predictions I would have to say that the days ahead look full of wind ... metaphorically speaking.
    I have as much faith in their predictions as listening to any Joe Blow tell me what's up ahead in the future.
    I've heard followers of Nostradamus telling me when growing up from the 80s onward just about every one of those years how he predicted the world was going to end.
    One French teacher I had (and I speak very little French to this day because he made learning French boring) even took a day off school because he believed the world was going to end that day ... SPOILER ALERT ... it didn't.
    It's like listening to those fundamentalist Bible thumpers who tell you how their loving God is going to destroy the world to rid it of all the sinners (i.e. not them) so their particular whacko cult can live happily ever after in heaven, while all those other billions of souls burn forever and ever amen and praise the loving father who would let such a thing happen.
    Those Fundies are in for a rude shock, not to mention a round trip ticket back to where they just came from ... although probably a different, but very similar set up as the one they were in.
    Well, that's my future prediction for them anyway:-)
    Now, where did I put those old Doreen Virtue "angel" cards of mine that the 2019 version of Doreen Virtue tells me to burn?-)