" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 13, 2017

War, Poppy Day and the War on Drugs?

I bought a couple of badges off some RSL guys that were selling merchandise for Remembrance Day outside my local supermarket. 
I have had family members go off to fight in those wars and even met a guy who is alive now who thinks he was killed in France in World War 1 (who knows?), so I like to pay my respects to those people when I can.
I don't see it as glorifying war, quite the opposite really. 
I think it's a nice gesture to remember the fallen and just how horrific war is.
When I see poppies though it reminds me of the other war that's supposedly being fought, the "War on Drugs".
I'm no fan of drugs like heroin and cocaine and have never used them in my life up to this point, and can't really ever see myself doing so for recreational purposes, as I detest these drugs.
But I do like a good poppy seed bun on occasions.
I do like alcohol and I don't have a problem if people want to smoke pot (I've tried pot and it did nothing for me) and I hardly ever touch prescription drugs, because my health has been fine over the years ... touch wood.
I'm not so stupid though that I don't realize that out of all of those drugs listed above that alcohol is probably the biggest problem and killer out of them all.
So, I can see my hypercritical bias when I say that I don't like people using heroin and cocaine, but the reality is that none of these drugs will ever be stamped out of society, especially when there is lots of money to be made out of producing them.
You can even try having a real "War on Drugs" and you still wouldn't win, I think. 
I was watching the above movie on Netflix the other day and found it amusing when the poppy growing problem in Afghanistan was brought up, and it was suggested the farmers could grow cotton instead, but that would have competed with the American cotton industry, so that idea was put to bed ... and probably under cotton sheets, too;-)
But if the "War on Drugs" was a serious enterprise the Afghans would be made to stop growing poppies, wouldn't they?
Unless some other party was benefiting from their farming practice as well, that is. 
Supplement to ‘cure’ heroin addiction could be addicting too
Most wars are just evil jokes that turn out to be nightmares for those who get drawn into fighting them.
Something I think it pays to remember each year.
Lest we forget.

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