" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 3, 2017

Orange is the New Black it Seems

The 666 Orange World Cup?!
Don't get me wrong here, as I am a massive Rugby League fan and have a tattoo to prove it, and while some see the devil's number as 666 to me it only represents the number of man, or this world we live in.
I noticed that the logo for the Rugby League World Cup appears to be made up of three orange sixes and that this World Cup kicked off on the 27th of October, 2017.
Is the Year 2017 a Movie Directed by David Lynch, Sam Mendes, or Both?
Which is the weekend closest to Halloween, All Soul's Day, and the Day of the Dead coincidentally enough.
Or maybe that should be Strangely enough?-)
Remember also that 'Stranger Things 2' started on October 27th, 2017.
Here is the 2017 Super Bowl TV commercial for it below ... pardon the pun:-)
Stranger Things Shirt
Stranger Things poster
And let's not forget that the latest Thor movie was filmed "Down-under" in Queensland, Australia, either.
Which when you think about it is very ironic considering that the Norse myth is from the northern part of the planet and Thor is played by an Australian, as well ... whose first name is Chis(t?-).
Oh, yeah ... and Thor's sister Hela, the goddess of death ... or should that be the queen of death(?) ... is played by another Australian actor Cate Blanchett, who has also played Queen Elizabeth in a few other movies.
Hmm ... 2007, or should that be 2007?-)
Thor: Ragnarok was officially screened on Friday the 13th of October 2017 (Gold Coast, Queensland) in Australia, but started its cinema run on October 26th, 2017.
More about that Thor movie in a later post, as I saw it at the cinema last night.
Friday the 13th was a rather interesting day
 this year, I think.
So, while a lot of Christians are conditioned to crap their pants at that "satanic" number, in occult (hidden) circles it is the number of man more than likely.
The Secret of the Number 666
"The “Beast” has the number 666 associated with him.
The King James Version says that it is “the number of a man(Revelation 13:18).
The Greek can equally mean “a human number” or “a number of humanity.”
The number six has long been associated with man.
Adam (the first human) was created on the sixth day of creation (Genesis 1:26-31) and many people feel this is where the number got its original significance.
It should be recognized that six is one unit shy of seven—a number in the Bible associated with perfection or completion.
Note that the seventh day of the week completed the week.
The seventh week completed the weeks of early harvest in ancient Israel that led to the festival of Pentecost (Deuteronomy 16:9,10). 
The seventh year completed the sabbatical period regarding harvest (Leviticus 25:1-7).
Seven times seven years completed the cycle of sabbatical years to Jubilee (Leviticus 25:8).
The number
seven certainly shows completion and perfection, but the number six is one unit shy of the “perfect” number.
It gets close to “perfection” but it is just short of the mark.
The number “666” is a triple six and looks very good on the surface, but it is not 777—the number showing triple perfection.
Indeed, with the Christ we find something better than “perfection.”
This may seem to be a contradiction, because nothing can be more perfect than perfection.
But note this.
All the letters of the Greek alphabet (as well as the Hebrew) have numerical significance.
And with the name “Jesus” we have something more perfect than perfect.
Look at the name “Jesus.”
If you add up the numerical values of the Greek nominative of “Jesus” it will come to 888.
Early Christians recognized this unique feature associated with the name of “Jesus.”
This shows that “
Jesus” is to be reckoned as being something more than “perfect” as we humans view perfection.
But man’s number is 666—it is not even 777 (which is the highest perfection, symbolically speaking, that humans can imagine).
Though 666 represents the height of human “perfection,” it is short of 777 and is far short of 888 which is even “more perfect” than “perfect.”"
Chris(t?-) Knowles at 'The Secret Sun' blog has been writing about all of the weird orange associations playing out in the world right now whether by designcoincidence, or a bit of both.
Orange You Waiting for the Fallen Vegas to Return?
I've been reading Tracey Rollin's book about 'Santa Muerte' and it is a real eye opener, not just because of Santa Muerte, but all of the faces of feminine death deities down through the ages.
Who? The Angel of Death?
You might want to go and see the new Thor movie to see what I mean here.
One thing I find amusing while reading Tracey's book is she writes a number of times about the old saying that nothing in life is as sure as death and taxes and guess what day the DEADline for putting in your personal income tax in Australia is?
We don't officially celebrate Halloween in Australia, but it has gained a very big foothold over here, none the less and children love it.
Even I was prepared for the door knocking ghouls this year.
But I went out to visit my mother and grab a pizza for dinner between 5 and 7 pm and missed them all, and they didn't even TP my townhouse surprisingly enough.
Bats (Flying Foxes) flying over the
Pizza Hut store as I wait for my pizza
The Six Degrees of Separation of Andras Jones in Hollywood's House of Cards?
In Australia October 31st is in the Spring heading into Summer, which is opposite to what is going on in the northern part of the planet.
I don't know what made me think of getting pizza on October 31st, do you?
And no all you Pizzagate freaks out there, it's not about kiddie fiddlers, who I despise.
It's to honour my old sync-head pal Andras Jones and all the fine work he has done throughout the years bringing the subject of synchronicity to the public's attention. 
The October 14th, 2017 front page of the
Queensland newspaper featuring Thor
A Thorn among the roses maybe?
Queensland? Queen of Heaven/Death?
The October 14th, 2017 local Queensland paper was full of Thor stories after the Australian premier which was held on the Queensland Gold Coast on Friday the 13th, 2017.
Ironically after all of the shirtless Chris(t?-) Hemsworth pictures throughout the paper, the editor must have been laughing his abs off including this mindf#ck of a story below in the same paper.
Oh, yeah and the same paper ran this story in orange to boot.
A Rose among the Thorns maybe?
And in the same paper is an ad reminding you that the World Cup kicks off in 13 days' time, also.
Chris Knowles might be interested in checking out the horse racing form in this paper, too?-)
A horse named Houtzen named
after a
Dutch model?
The thing about Chris's next film though is that at least with Thor I knew just how much of it was mythology.
This one will probably be a bit too much on the nose for me, I think.
And while on the subject of being on the nose, I agree with these guys about 'Stranger Things 2'.
That's time that I won't get back again:-(

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