" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 1, 2017

Skeptiko: 'Christopher Knowles, Are Occult Symbols Present in Science?'

I listened to a podcast at Skeptiko today where Alex interviews Chris Knowles about some rather suspect goings on in the beliefs (or non-beliefs) of some people in high places in society.
I personally don't believe in entities like Satan and Lucifer, but it's the people who do that worry me a little, especially when they do nasty things to other people in ritualistic ceremonies which most sane people would consider sick and twisted.
Having stated that though, I do believe that there are good and evil forces in the universe and no manmade organization is exempt when it comes to good and evil individuals within any man-made institution.
I do have a bit of trouble with the word "occult" in the title of the podcast though, as to me "occult" just means hidden, which is not necessarily an evil thing, because "occult" symbolism is everywhere in society where you look with eyes wide open.
When you have an evil undertow behind what are meant to be benign symbols, then that's another matter probably worth looking into though.
The main thing is to keep your eyes open and question just what it is all about, like Chris says in the podcast.
Christopher Knowles, Are Occult Symbols Present in Science? |365|
And as I was listening to this podcast where Chris talks about the pedophile schoolteacher in his hometown I see this news story above about a schoolteacher just charged with offences against young girls.
So, evil does lurk in places you would think of as safe and "not in my backyard", but as countless news stories show it's a 'Blue Velvet' world out there and there is a lot of hidden stuff going on that isn't "all good" at all.
Is the Year 2017 a Movie Directed by David Lynch, Sam Mendes, or Both?
And I hope you weren't trying to be smart Alex with an occult meaning behind 'The Secret Sun' blogger being on show #365?-)
The above podcast with Chris Knowles at 'The Higherside Chats' you might find worth a listen as well -
Timing is everything it seems?-)


  1. Hi Brizdaz

    Long time no speak. Frank from Merovee.

    For me the deeper question is whether by listening to Chris Knowles podcast, you somehow created the Sydney paedophile story ?

  2. That sounds a rather "kill the messenger" type of response there Frank.
    I read and observe the world news I don't usually make it and while I agree that everything is connected in this universe we all operate in and that we all make some kind of splash or ripple effect in the world, I can't really create a tidal wave like the one you suggest there.
    Maybe you think I brought down MH370, got Harvey Weinstein sacked, managed Rose McGowan's movie career, am the cause of global warming and super hurricanes smashing the planet, as well.
    Maybe you think that 'The Secret Sun' was derived from the book 'The Secret' somehow and if you read the blog every subject will be attracted to you (or created by me) somehow?
    As for your blog 'Merovee' I stopped reading it way back when you were suggesting that 9/11 was nothing but a Hollywood movie production and that nobody was really killed in that event and that the smashed buildings were just Hollywood sets.
    I sure as s#it don't want to hear what you think of the Holocaust then.
    All I can say Frank is that it is great to be open minded, but not to the point where your brains fall out.
    But let's see what other stories I can "create" in the forthcoming weeks shall we?
    Probably best not to speak with comments like that one, me thinks Frank.

  3. Keep your eye out on the news for your reflection. It's a bit of a shock when you see it.

    About 911. That's not what I was saying. I was saying it was a consciousness 'dream' event as I believe the world is. And we are all part of consciousness so in a sense we created 911.

  4. I hope that you aren't suggesting that I'm a pedophile there Frank?
    Maybe you should do a bit of reflecting on your own words before you send them out into the dream you seem to be having?