" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 16, 2017

Magda Szubanski and Signs from Above?

Marriage equality: Magda Szubanski's crucial role in yes victory
I saw the above news story on the net this morning about
Magda Szubanski's influence on the 'YES' vote winning yesterday in Australia and I remembered back to traveling down to the
Byron Writers Festival last year and being greeted by a double rainbow just before getting there to see Magda's book talk on the day.
The double rainbow touching the ground at Byron Bay in 2016
Magda Szubanski, Rainbows, The 2016 Byron Bay Writers Festival, Jung and Synchronicity
I remember Magda saying how she was into the concept of synchronicity and Carl Jung and I remembered thinking that I was in the company of another kindred spirit here, but looking back just a little after a year and seeing the 'YES' result yesterday and learning also of Magda's mother's recent passing, I couldn't help thinking back to seeing that double rainbow over Byron Bay as a real sign from above in hindsight.
4/2/1947Lord ByronByron Bay?
At the time of writing this post Magda has 42 acting credits to her name at her IMDB page.
And I remembered seeing rainbows all around Byron Bay the weekend I was down there.
And I've spent lots of time before in Byron and since and can't remember ever seeing a real rainbow before or after this weekend.
I remember seeing this poem in a local Byron Bay magazine that weekend of the writers festival one night while I was waiting for a pizza, which had nothing to do with an Australia wide postal vote on Gay marriage, which wasn't even on the cards at  the time.
So I guess all the signs for 2017 were all there back in 2016 maybe?
I also thought it was bizarre that Lisa Wilkinson who got caught in the same road block that I did on her way to the
Byron Writers Festival this year and who I saw talk at the festival this year -
Lisa Wilkinson and Tracey Spicer on Friday at Byron Bay, 2017
Apart from the Acid on the Road I Had a Good Trip
has swapped TV networks since and wound up on Channel 10's TV show 'The Project', which is the show that Magda "came out" on announcing that she was Gay a few years back.
Lisa Wilkinson hints at big plans with cryptic new post

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