" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 2, 2017

She's Got Hannah Stocking's Eyes?

I wrote a post yesterday featuring a photo of the Cirque du Soleil's actors who were dressed as blue aliens which came out of the above Queensland October 6th newspaper -
Ugly Dolls?
It was the blue face and yellow eyes of the Avatar alien that made me think of the blue alien I had bought years ago from the recently deceased Cynthia Crawford and which stands on my computer table to my right ... right now as I type up this post.
Cynthia Crawford Has Gone Up to The Spirit in the Sky
Cynthia Crawford was right into the alien phenomena, unlike myself who is only mildly interested in the subject, but one thing came to my attention years after I had bought the statue off Cynthia and corresponded in e-mails with her now and again, was that she had freaky green eyes and I later saw her featured in an article equating green eyes with alien hybridity.
I had never heard of this green-eyed alien hypothesis before and it grabbed my attention because I was searching the net to try and find out why only 2% of the earth's population have green eyes, because I have them myself, but nowhere as freaky looking as Cynthia's eyes.
Cynthia Crawford
My eye taken on my iPhone
I started to take notice of green eyes in the media after I realized how rare my pair were.
Felicity Jones, the Girl with the Green (Alien?-) Eyes
But then I started noticing even freakier green-eyed people who could do weird tricks with their eyes like up-and-coming comedian Hannah Stocking.
Hannah Stocking
At first when I saw the Hannah Stocking clips above, I thought that maybe she had one glass eye, because I had a mate who got his eye shot out by his brother when he was mucking around with an air rifle, and he would do the wondering eye thing to me to try and freak me out.
But it looks like Hannah can really do it, and she seems to have taught her mates how to do it too.
But getting back to the front page of the October 6th newspaper at the top of this post, the lady who was the victim of a hit and run in Brisbane also had striking green eyes it appeared.
Iuliana Stevenson knocked down by heavy railway truck in a hit and run at Bowen Hills expected to make miracle recovery
I thought it may have just been the newspaper ink making her eyes appear green, so I Googled around the net to try and find some pictures of her eyes and yes, they are green, but I wondered if they were real, because you can buy contact lenses now that make your eyes appear big ... and also green, if you want.
But Iuliana's eyes do appear to be real, unless she wears lenses morning, noon and night.
And I'm glad to hear Iuliana is making a fast recovery from such an appalling accident while crossing the street.
But how much of a recovery can you make after something like that rolls into your life?
As I was writing this freaky eyed post up this morning (7:25am), I went downstairs to make some coffee and switched my radio on (4KQ) and Kim Carnes was singing 'Bette Davis Eyes'.
Not that Bette Davis had green eyes, but they were obviously noticeable it would appear, in the same way Hollywood seems to be going after actresses with striking (mainly green) eyes today.
Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas
Claire Danes
Ana de Armas
Maybe there is some truth to this green-eyed alien hybrid hypothesis?
I wonder what the real aliens have to say about this theory?
Probably the same as their Hollywood counterparts I would imagine:-)
Apparently, Kim Carnes has grey eyes ironically enough.
Hopefully not the Grey's eyes;-)
Still, it could be worse eye suppose.
I mean who wants to end up with Bowie's eyes?-)
Blade Runner 2049: The Empire Never Ended?

A Queensland Rail (QR) employee has
been found
not guilty of a hit-and-run
In a bizarre twist to this post about "alien eyes", when I was searching the net years later to see how the hit-and-run victim was going I see the defendant wearing sunglasses and coming out of the courtroom in a 2019 news post that made him look like a grey alien.

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