" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 6, 2017

The Synchromystic REDRUM of Carlos Muñoz Portal on 9/11?

I picked up the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper at a service station on September 19th, 2017, which is a paper I rarely read, because I don't live at the Gold Coast, although I do live between the city of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so it's good to sometimes see what's making news down there, so I grabbed the above paper and paid for my petrol.
I saw the picture of Nicole Kidman holding her Emmys, which was what got my attention, as I knew she was filming the new 'Aquaman' movie on the Gold Coast and then I saw a small story about a guy who got shot to death while scouting locations for the TV show 'Narcos', which I've never watched before, but I had just watched the movie 'Sicario' on Netflix that week, because I was watching movies that Emily Blunt had starred in and because Denis Villeneuve had directed it and I was waiting to see how Denis went filming 'Blade Runner 2049', which I was going to see when it came to cinema screens in a few weeks' time.
I've written posts about Nicole and Emily before on this blog, too.
Spookiest Nicole Kidman Sync Story of the Year and Everyone Missed It?
Emily Blunt in 'Edge of Tomorrow'
Living on the Edge?
And all the other movies mentioned in that story that Carlos Muñoz Portal had scouted locations for really got my attention also, as I was reading about the 'Day of the Dead' celebrations in Mexico at the time, and was just about to start reading 'War God' by Graham Hancock.
500 Year Cycles?
But the thing I really found spooky with Carlos Muñoz Portal's death was he was killed on September 11th, 2017 (9/11) and a massive earthquake hit Mexico City on September 19th, 2017, which was the date of the paper which I saw the story of Carlos Muñoz Portal's death in (we are a day ahead of Mexico in Australia).
Major Earthquake for Mexico City Falls on Anniversary of Catastrophic 1985 Quake
"The earthquake that struck Mexico City on Tuesday hit on the same exact calendar date on which the capital was hit by a violent earthquake in 1985.
The earlier quake left behind a trail of rubble and about 10,000 people dead.
The coincidence is eerie, and sympathizers around the world will surely hope that the similarity stops with the identical
Sept. 19 date.
While Tuesday’s 7.1. magnitude quake falls short of 1985’s 8.0 magnitude tremor, it still classifies as a “majorearthquake on the Richter scale."
Mexico City updates 911 app to push quake alerts to phones
Mexico’s capital is slowly coming back to life
A clown scene in 'Get the Gringo'... no,
Mel ...look in the backseat:-)
Also, "Mr. Portal worked for 'Redrum,' a film production company. 
Redrum is 'murder' spelled backwards."
Redrum: The Shining lights of the Mexican Film Industry
"Take, for example, Perskie's interview with Negocios in which his sheer joy at being involved in the film industry shines through.
"Really, Adrian and I are just a couple of friends who like to watch and make movies, both of which we happen to be great at!
We created Redrum in 2009 and we took the name from the film The Shining, a masterpiece of film making."
Yes, I'll agree Kubrick made great films alright.
"Redrum read backwards is 'murder', which is what we were willing to commit to make films.
Long before Redrum, we worked with a bunch of directors of unquestionable talent.
Oliver Stone, Jim Jarmusch, Sam Mendes, Tony Scott, Julie Taymor, Steven Soderbergh, Alex de la Iglesia, Peter Weir, James Cameron... 
We're sure they also brag about having worked with us!" says Perskie.
"The important thing is that the experience of working with so many movie giants drove our necessity to tell our own stories.
Necessity, yes.
That which is impossible to evade, miss or resist.
That, and with Redrum, in 2010 we shot our first feature film.
We both wrote Get the Gringo together with Mel Gibson, who is a really cool person."
Adrian directed it and I produced it.
It cost 20 million usd but it looks like 60 million.
And we proudly recruited a bunch of Mexican talent both behind the camera as well as in front of it.
It was shot in Mexico City and in Veracruz.
If you haven't seen it, you need to check it out.
We loved doing it, it gave us so much creative freedom," he continues."
Carlos Muñoz Portal was a location assistant on Get the Gringo and Mel's movie 'Apocalypto', as well.
Interestingly enough Carlos Muñoz Portal was credited as assistant location manager in Mexico for Paris Jackson's first movie 'Gringo' which is due in cinemas next March.
Also interesting was that Carlos Muñoz Portal's last credited movie at his IMDB page is 'Bel Canto' and I see in the newspapers yesterday that Paris is attending the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday and I remember writing about Bell synchronicities when Michelle Payne became the first woman to ride the winner of The Cup -
What a Payne!?
What are the odds?-)
Paris Jackson set to visit Australia for the Melbourne Cup
I think you'll like Australia Paris ... but be sure to visit Byron Bay, because you will love it there.
And of course, Red Rum was the name of a famous racehorse, too.
My money is going onto #6 Red Cardinal for The Cup.
Although being a Libran myself and seeing Carlos Muñoz Portal had 17 credits as a location manager maybe I should be putting my money on #17 instead?
I guess we'll just have to find out tomorrow if those signs mean anything worth gambling on?

UPDATE: November 7th, 2017
Melbourne Cup winner Rekindling
If only I had of worked out that the cup was run two days after Guy Fawkes night and that Carlos Muñoz Portal's first movie as a location assistant was 'Man on Fire' and that you need rekindling of a fire to keep it going, I might have come out a winner today, instead of getting my fingers burnt by a Red Cardinal that finished 11th.
Man on Fire?
I'm such a gringo when it comes to picking a winner sometimes.
Number 22?!
Fawkes U2 Weinstein!?

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