" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 20, 2017

Drew Barrymore on Sexual Harassment in Hollywood: Strong is the New Pretty?

I thought it was synchy in hindsight with all of these sexual harassment allegations coming to the fore in 2017, the 'Year of the Rooster (Cocks?-)', that a rather obscure Drew Barrymore movie called 'Far From Home' starring a fellow synch-head Andras Jones, who plays the sexual predator in the movie, while Anthony Rapp plays Drew's (Joleen Cox) knight in shining armour in the same movie, and that Anthony has come out with his own allegations of sexual harassment in the movie industry now.
The Six Degrees of Separation of Andras Jones in Hollywood's House of Cards?
Year of the Cock?
Anthony Rapp and Andras Jones
'Far From Home'
"Drew Barrymore opened up what it’s like to be a women in Hollywood at the Glamour Celebrates 2017 Women Of The Year Awards in Brooklyn on Monday, November 13.
“I think it’s an extraordinary time for women,”
Barrymore, 42, said.
“And you have to encourage all of this strength.
And defiance is a tricky word but I feel like there’s a way in which women can be pioneers that seems a lot more in keeping with strength rather than anger.”
The 50 First Dates actress also opened about how she remains hopeful in the industry despite the recent surge of sexual harassment reports and allegations against Hollywood males like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven.
“The hope is that women are taking care of themselves,” Barrymore said.
“And taking care of each other inadvertently.
For every woman that is brave she’s also protecting another woman.”
Barrymore, who is mom to Olive, 5, and Frankie, 3, with ex-husband Will Kopelman, talked to reporters about how she teaches her daughters about empowering themselves.
“I was just going to say I found a new book and I’m so obsessed with it.
It’s called Strong is the New Pretty and it’s about girls who are class presidents or roller derby or bakers or soccer.
It’s sort of all over the map.
About four triathletes. Dreamers,” the Charlie’s Angels star and producer explained."
Another thing I find interesting is that Drew is the producer of a new TV show slated for 2018 called 'The Black Rose Anthology'.
"Explores humanity's deepest fears through a modern and distinctly feminine lens."
Jesus/Rose/Planet Terror?
Looks like we're not in Kansas any(Barry?-)more;-)
Who's Your "Daddy" Now?!

UPDATE: 21st November, 2017
Charlie Rose, US TV host, suspended amid sexual harassment allegations

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