" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 26, 2017


Interesting talk at the 'Future Fossils' podcast site about the dark energies of the Sacred Feminine, which seems to be on the rise in many forms lately in the "collective unconscious" -
"This week’s guest is visionary artist Jake Kobrin, whose digital paintings explore a gorgeous, dark, evocative terrain of non-ordinary human experience and twist religious iconography into a metamorphic form well-suited to our psychedelic modern era.
We discuss his painting “Black Madonna” and the return and healing of the repressed feminine – not just women, but the body, the psychological shadow, marginalized peoples, death, and transformation…
We talk about Jake’s artistic intuition, nontraditional relationships, the reality of love, and my transformation from living in a haunted house to realizing the “ghost” was my own disowned soul…"
I've been reading Tracey Rollin's book about Santa Muerte, which I find fascinating on a psychological Jungian level, but would personally shy away from venerating or befriending an entity (whether real or imagined) such as Santa Muerte on a spiritual level.
Santa Muerte: Our Lady of the Holy Death?
I'm not a Roman Catholic, but I do side with their warning over getting too close to folk saints like Santa Muerte, who I believe to be a syncretic force combining Catholic and ancient Aztec forces who probably don't have your back covered like you would hope they would.
My advice is to read up on such entities by reading excellent books like Tracey's, even though she is all for bringing such a force into your life, because the material is really worth reading, whether you are for or against such an entity.
I do like the idea of working with the Sacred Feminine, dark and light sides, but Santa Muerte is not a force I'll be calling on anytime soon.
I do like the idea of working with forces (real or imagined) like the Virgin Mary and even the Black Madonna, even though I'm aware that they are also probably synchretized forces from older religions from Egypt and beyond.  
I don't really see anything sinister about Santa Muerte herself, it's some of her followers and their motives behind venerating/worshiping her image and the favours they ask of her that worries me.
I totally believe what goes around comes around, so you better be careful what you ask for.
And I know you get these type of hypercritical followers in any religious or spiritual following, like Gandhi is famous for pointing out.
Ultimately it's you that you are working on by appealing to and venerating these saints, so it's your dark-side that will ultimately help you, or do you in, so go with your heart when you pick a path to follow, because not all will lead you to Oz.  
Ultimately it's what is in your own heart that will curse or reward you in the end, no matter who you choose to follow or worship ... and that goes the same even if you choose not to follow any spiritual force, I believe. 
There is no doubt though that the Sacred Feminine is rising in the minds of many people on the earth at the moment and probably for good reason.
All I can say is play safe when you hear someone knocking on your door.

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