" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 25, 2019

Hereditary: The Headless Rite and Grief?

I watched the rather disturbing movie 'Hereditary' on Australian Netflix about a fortnight ago, because I had listened to an 'Aussies in Hollywood' podcast featuring Toni Collette, where she talks about the various movie roles she has played throughout her career, including the role of Annie in the movie 'Hereditary'.
Aussies in Hollywood: Toni Collette
"Actor Toni Collette is synonymous with 2 movie lines "You're terrible Muriel!" from Muriel's Wedding and "I see dead people," from The Sixth Sense, which is funny seeing as she didn't deliver either of those lines.
Recorded in the hotel room where they first met during the press tour for Muriel's Wedding, Toni chats to Jenny Cooney about her unique career and why she wasn't always convinced that the roles she became known for, would even be a hit in the first place."
To me 'Hereditary' is one of those horror movies that don't quite come together as a whole, but are interesting none the less.
A bit like the movie 'Us' I think.
More of a metaphorical horror movie than a genuine flat out horror movie.
I'd have to agree with the guy in this review of 'Hereditary' in the You Tube below when it comes to this movie.
Watching this movie I couldn't help but think of 'The Headless Rite', also known as 'The Bornless Ritual' of magickal practice.
Not that I have ever done it myself, but I have read about it and some people like this blogger below find it good for dealing with personal grief -
The Headless Rite and Grief
Like this blogger, I too read about the rite in Gordon White's book and I share a similar take on Gordon's work, but really have no interest in performing the rite, unlike this blogger writes -
"Of late, I have taken my magical practice to heart and taken the practice of magic as performance head on.
This is due, in no small part, to the influence of Mr Gordon White who seems a kindred spirit in many ways (I don't agree with everything he says... hell, I don't understand everything he says).
I came across The Headless Rite, again, in his book The Chaos Protocols.
I determined, at that point, that I would perform the rite."
Listening to Toni Collette on the 'Aussies in Hollywood' podcast I thought it was interesting that she talks about her first acting role as being in a high school production of 'Godspell' and not really being able to grieve her grandmother's death, but then bawling her eyes out in the play.
I thought it was also interesting that Toni was born on November 1st, which is All Saint's Day.
Alex Wolff who plays Toni's son in the movie 'Hereditary' is also born on November 1st, by the way.
Alex also played one of the alleged Boston bombers (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) in the movie 'Patriots Day'.
And looking back now Notre Dame burned down on April 15th, which was the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Screenshots from 'Hereditary' (2018)
Hmm ... at least the 12 apostles were saved from the fire I guess;-)
Toni speaks about a sense of fate when playing certain movie roles, especially the role of Muriel.
Maybe she should quit acting while she is a-head?-)
Enough said ... no?
I guess you can't outrun your fate anyway.

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