" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 24, 2019

42 Minutes (and More/Moore?-) with Jake Kotze on Sandra Dee's Birthday?

Episode 333: Jake Kotze
The Sync Whole
I found it rather synchromystic that the latest 42 Minutes episode with Jake Kotze was half the number of the beast 333:-)
Not that I believe in all of that satanic crap that Christians scare themselves silly over, but it's still interesting on a pop-cultural collective consciousness type level I feel.
Satan, Lucifer, and the Jungian Shadow?
And April 23rd is Sandra Dee's birthday, too.
Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee?
The Sync Whole
Upon the 10th anniversary of the group sync blog, The Sync Whole, the program shares 42 minutes [and the rest:-] with its founder, Jake Kotze.
Topics: Synchromysticism, 10th Anniversary, 2012, Canadian Museum For Human Rights, Jim Sanders, Juan Flores, Tonkiri, Ayahuasca, Time Loops, Nonlocal, Ripples, 911, Practice, Insanity, New Normal, Social Media, Way Back Machine, Censorship, Love, Super Heroes, Phoenix, Blackhole, Syncjack, Event Horizon, The Flip Monism, Panpsychism, Church AND State, WWW, Community.

Jake Kotze you're a star when
it comes to syncromysticism:-)
And I wonder why there is an unfinished "paint by numbers" horse painting on the wall in that 'Grease' screenshot above?
Dan Robbins: Paint-by-numbers inventor dies at 93?-)
A painting by Aleister Crowley
only using the number 
I found it interesting that Dan has a picture of the sad clown of Emmett Kelly Jr. hanging on his wall, as my last post was pretty much all about Emmett's clown and smiling -
Forcing Yourself to Smile Can Drive You to Drink?
The sad clown of Emmett Kelly Jr.
on top of my fridge
Life can be a sad and funny journey it seems, but also a very connected one, like a big puzzle to figure out.
24 World Pieces into One Peace?

Jake Kotze's piece, 'Life is a movie'

Oh, and Sandra Dee was born in '42 Doug;-)
April 23rd is also HervΓ© Villechaize's birthday.
And HervΓ© only had 23 acting credits at his IMDB page eerily, if you are Jim Carrey that is;-) 
They say that it's also William Shakespeare's birthday on April 23, too.
And April 23rd is the date Will passed away on, as well.
Bizarre, or what?
The Rise of the Rose 🌹
At William Shakespeare's IMDB page Will has 1,420 writing credits.
I'll bet Jake sees the funny side of sych in those numbers:-)
And April 23rd also happens to be Michael Moore's birthday.
I didn't realize until now how close Moore's birthday is to the date of the Columbine shooting anniversary of April 20th.
It's also the Big O's birthday on April 23rd.
And a big O sounds a bit like a description of a black hole to me;-)
Life sure seems to be one long synchromystic journey ... at least to me, and that does bring a smile to my face:-)
"Weary Willy" (Emmett Kelly) in a green VW
Green Volkswagen on the Synchronicity Roundabout

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