" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 14, 2019

An aMUSEing Act of HOLLYWOOD Foolishness?

In March this year I saw an article in the local newspaper that involved a lady who was trying to sue a magician named
Matt Hollywood, because she fell down some stairs while seeing Matt's show the same day Nicole Kidman happened to be in the audience.
I found this kind of amusing in many ways, not because the lady fell down the stairs (which was most likely her own fault in my opinion ... but who really knows, right?-), but because my eldest son whose birthday is also on June 20th, like Nicole's, took me to see Matt Hollywood's magic show for my birthday last year, which I wrote about here -
Illusory Magick?
And seeing that newspaper article reminded me of the 'MUSE' magazine with Nicole Kidman on the front cover I had bought at the beginning of 2018, but had forgotten to read and which I mentioned in this old post -
Thoth, Writing, Books, Magazines and SubSCRIPTions?
Nicole in the 'MUSE' magazine in front of some stairs?-)
Matt/Le Mat?-)
Hmm ... 21 and jumping off a cliff, hey?-)
In some tarot decks the fool is card number 21 
I don't think this magazine is still going, but I had bought that one copy to read and then pass on to my eldest son, as he likes to read articles on psychology. 
So March this year I dug out the copy from my "to read" pile and read all the interesting articles, including the article about Nicole.
After reading that newspaper article about the woman falling down the stairs at the Matt Hollywood magic show I couldn't help but be amused when reading this magazine now, especially when there was a quote by a blind woman beneath a spiral staircase opposite Nicole's article and Nicole's quote on the front of the magazine about jumping off a cliff:-)
It was after reading through the magazine and while reading through the novel 'Big Little Lies' (which I'm still reading) that I decided to key in a search on my iTunes bar for podcasts that had Nicole Kidman in.
And I found an interview on a podcast I had not heard of before called 'Aussies in Hollywood' -
"Jenny and Nicole first met for an interview when Nicole was a fresh faced 17-year-old still living in Australia.
Since then, Nicole has won an Academy Award, played critically acclaimed roles in 'Moulin Rouge', 'Lion' and 'The Hours' (to name just a few) and has won an additional 83 awards including recently Best Actress in the Critics' Choice and Golden Globes awards for her portrayal of Celeste in the HBO sensation 'Big Little Lies'.
Nicole Kidman is Australia's most successful actress and in this rare and private interview with her lifetime friend Jenny, Nicole shows that her love of film is second only to her love of family.
Enjoy this rare interview with Nicole Kidman."
Nicole's was the first podcast I listened to at the
'Aussies in Hollywood' podcast site and since then I've pretty much worked my way through them all up to the time of this posting and I've enjoyed and learnt a lot from listening to most of them, considering that I am Australian myself.
Life certainly is one strange magic trip it seems ... if you keep your eyes open that is;-)
April and Endgames?
Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger in The Patriot (2000)
Mel Gibson: Your Life Mainly Comes Down to Fate?
So, do you reckon it's all just in the cards?

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