" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 22, 2019

Schrödinger's Cube?

I watched a great little movie on Australian Netflix over the Easter weekend called 'CUBE', which I had seen way back in the 90s at a cinema, but just came out of the cinema scratching my head and thinking well that was interesting, but weird ... and then I forgot about it.
Back in the 90s I was viewing the movie thinking that some evil military/industrial/complex were doing some cat and mouse MKULTRA type thing on a bunch of ordinary citizens who fit their requirements for their experiment.
But when watching the movie again over the weekend and after hearing the character Holloway mutter the line "holy cats" a few times, it clicked that this movie was like a Schrödinger's cat situation where the characters might be alive, and they might also be dead.
Cube (1997)
To me this kind of scenario made the movie way more interesting as it suggested a purgatory type set up where the characters were neither on earth nor in the "real" after-life.
They were being tested in some way before the next stage of the soul's  journey and would be rewarded with either admittance into some kind of paradise (go towards the light), a hellish realm as a kind of punishment, or back to the hellish realm of the Earth plane to be reborn into another life and be tested all over again.
Which reminded me of an ironic line where one of the characters remarked about just going round in circles ... in a cube?! 
You'll hear the character named Ren in the trailer for the movie say, "take a good look around, because I have a feeling that it is looking at us" and the math student even has those iconic round rimed glasses that give it that 'Great Gatsby' Godlike billboard look and feel to me.
Whoever "it" is who put them all into the cube left the math student her glasses so she could use them to read the numbers stamped on the entrance to each door.
Thinking Outside of Time (or the Box)
Not that I'm really into Christianity, except on a mystical esoteric level, but I like how a cross can be made into a closed box and vice versa;-)
But whatever you do, don't watch the crumby sequels, as whoever wrote those plots destroyed the first movie by trying to cash in on it.
Watch this review below to see what I mean.
Those movies should be binned and forgotten about, I think.
And in a bit of a spoiler alert, notice if you do watch the film that the last room is a red room and if the prisoners of the cube don't get out of it on time while it is acting as a bridge, it is heading back down into the cube.
I also found it a bit of a personal synch that the Ren character mentions Houdini and I happen to be reading a book about an Australian illusionist/escapologist who idealizes Houdini so much that he has visited Houdini's grave.
I recently wrote about Houdini and Cosentino in this post about Brexit and Halloween -
Britain is Trying to Do a Houdini on Halloween at the Beginning of a Mercury Retrograde?
As the late Terence McKenna said, "the universe is a puzzle, life is a problem to be solved ..."
And so is death.
So maybe today (Easter Monday) would be a good day to watch 'CUBE'?-)

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