" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 21, 2019

Getting Wires Crossed Over Easter?

"As Australia moves to celebrate Easter, some may ponder how the holiday's roots in the Crucifixion and rise of Jesus annually turns into a debate over the availability of hot-cross buns and chocolate bunnies.
While the religious roots of Easter may be detaching for the growing number of Australians who profess no religion, spare a thought for non-Western countries who also have to contend with the iconography of Christian holidays that have been refracted through consumerism.
One of the most famous examples of this mistranslation is the story of a Japanese department store nailing Santa to a cross when the country first started rolling out Christmas as a sales event.

Cosmic coincidences?
I like a good religious story as much as the next person, but not bad religious dogma.
I guess that's why I'd have to place myself in the "spiritual, but not religious" camp.
When it comes to world religions it's hard to get to the "real" story, which is why I prefer to follow the heart and brain that "God" gave me and not to be swayed by the fear of man-made hellish stories of eternal punishment.
Hmm ... the elephant in the room when it comes to Easter perhaps?-)
"In Dubai, restaurants and hotels have planned Easter-themed brunches for residents, while visitors to Tokyo's Disney resorts will be able to purchase up to 60 different types of Easter-related merchandise, while restaurants across the park will be "offering dishes that contain eggs or look like eggs".
Completing the resorts' Easter marketing bonanza will be a new character called "Usapiyo" — a chick-like figure with white bunny ears.

The Bunnies in Jordan Peele's 'Us' are Ruining Easter for People?
Jordan Peele voices the blue bunny in ' Toy Story 4'
Watching that Superbowl 'Us' trailer above and the talk about dark coincidences lining up and watching that 'Toy Story 4' trailer with the creepy evil Gaby-gaby doll and her ventriloquist doll henchmen (who don't have a voice of their own?-), I couldn't help thinking what a dark coincidence it was that Lorraine Warren passed away on Holy Thursday and that there is another 'Annebelle' movie coming out where a girl touches everything in the Warren-like basement of possessed objects.
Paranormal Investigator Lorraine Warren Dies on Holy Thursday?
Belle ... that name rings a bell I think?-)
Happy Easter and may the Force be with you:-)
The Message of the Myth?

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