" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 26, 2019

The Historic Renwick Mansion, Schrödinger's Cube and the House That Ghosts Built?

Cat painting in Renwick Mansion
After writing my post about watching the movie 'CUBE' -
Schrödinger's Cube?
Cat painting by Jane Freeman
I had a listen to the latest podcast of Ryan Singer's where he talks about being in and doing a comedy gig in Renwick Mansion 
I had to smile in so many palaces of the podcast while listening to Ryan talk about Renwick Mansion, especially when right at the start he comments on a cat painting on the wall by Jane Freeman.
Then in relation to me having watched the movie 'CUBE' and writing my post about it, Ryan starts talking about the importance of prime numbers in this podcast.
Then he goes on about him playing the 23rd comedy show at the Renwick Mansion.
23 Minutes?
Renwick Mansion tower
NOT Renwick Mansion tower
Born April 23rd
Born April 23rd
42 Minutes (and More/Moore?-) with Jake Kotze on Sandra Dee's Birthday?
Listening to Ryan talk about Renwick Mansion reminded me of the trailer for the movie 'Winchester', which is about a Californian mansion built by Winchester's widow to house ghosts.
I noticed it was screening on Australian Netflix, so I gave it a watch right after to listening to the podcast.
 I couldn't help thinking about the movie 'CUBE' with all of its rooms and the rooms in the movie 'Winchester' where the "ghosts" were accommodated by their host Sarah Winchester:-) 
13 nails in each door to seal each room
 in the
Winchester house maze?
I couldn't help thinking that April is a busy month on the calendar when it comes to strange events happening in the world for some reason.
The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
Paranormal Investigator Lorraine Warren Dies on Holy Thursday?
I wonder if Ryan realized that 4/20 this year was the the
20th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre?
I didn't realize it when I was watching the movie 'Winchester', but it was directed by the twin brothers from my hometown of Brisbane and parts of the movie were shot in Labassa mansion in the Australian state of Victoria.
Labassa mansion, Victoria, Australia
A stained glass window in Labassa mansion
"Originally called ‘Sylliott Hill’, it was renamed ‘Ontario’ in the 1880s reflecting its new owner Alexander William Robertson’s Canadian heritage.
He had the mansion redeveloped in the French Second Empire style by commissioning the German born architect, John A. B. Koch, to remodel the house into a thirty-five roomed mansion. 
The interior features gilt embossed wallpapers, ornate stained glass and a rare trompe l’oeil ceiling.
Renamed Labassa in 1904 it was home to Melbourne’s elite until 1920 when it was divided into flats.
The residents included Hollywood’s first Australian silent film star and other colourful bohemians.
Labassa is the most lavish of the few surviving nineteenth century mansions and the magnificently restored interiors of the main rooms again impress all its visitors."
A Schrödinger's Cat wo/man-suit?-)
What makes me laugh when people talk about time not really existing and that death is beyond normal earth time is wouldn't that make us human beings a lot like Schrödinger's cat, neither alive, nor dead?
Just a thought, as I like to think outside of the box;-)
I have to admit that while 'Winchester' is worth a watch, it is nowhere near as good as the brother's other film 'Predestination'.
The 'Together Forever' bullet in the movie 'Winchester'
The weird thing for me was that in the movie 'Winchester' the bullet inscribed with the words 'together forever' plays a central role in the movie and the day I watch this movie I pick up the above Brisbane newspaper to see those words on the front page, not only that, but I see a story about a dead class mate of mine, who I hadn't seen or heard of since our school days -
Remember the Days of the Old School Yard?
And as much as I personally hate guns, it's true that it's people who kill people.
And that's the real problem on this planet, I think.
B for The Boom Life?

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