" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 9, 2019

Jay Dyer, Esoteric Hollywood 2, Movies, Mobs, & Mind Control?

I just listened to the latest 'THC' podcast featuring Jay Dyer talking about the Mob in Hollywood, among other things, and Jay mentions a book written by actor Gianni Russo called 'Hollywood Godfather'.
THC: Jay Dyer | Esoteric Hollywood 2, Movies, Mobs, & Mind Control
Well, I pick up the latest colour supplement from the local
Brisbane newspaper and there is a book review of
Gianni Russo's book.
While I like some of Jay's work, especially about the
Apollo moon landings footage (although maybe I'm confusing him with another Jay there?), like Greg I'm not into
orthodox Christianity like Jay is and I have just about as many doubts and questions about his religious following as Jay has about Hollywood.
That said though, it was an interesting chat (well, the first part anyway, as I ain't paying for the second part of the podcast) about the Mob involvement in Hollywood, not that I haven't heard stuff like that said before.
Still, Hollywood's a big place and the Mob don't run it all.
Gianni Russo stars as Scapelli
I did find it rather synchromystically amusing that Russo stars in one of Jake Kotze's favourite movies to blog about,
'Super Mario Bros.'.
And Russo also starred in an episode of 'Jake and the Fatman' titled 'Two Different Worlds':-)
That 'Jake and the Fatman' episode aired on Sean Young's birthday (November 20th) who Russo would star with in a later 2013 movie called 'Send No Flowers'.
Sean Young features in Jake's synch film in the You Tube below.
I keep telling ya that EVERYTHING is connected ... and not just in Hollywood.
Although being the 'Year of the Pig' in 2019, must be a huge
Bacon factor you would think, wouldn't ya?-)

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