" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 22, 2019

Meaning in Life, Death ... and Magic/k?

I caught the latest Richard Dolan rant (above) at his You Tube channel last night (Easter Sunday in Australia) and thought it was amusing that I was reading Cosentino's book 'Anything is Possible' where Cos was pretty much relating the same message in his book.
Cosentino in an electric chair?!
I never knew much about Paul Cosentino until I started reading his book a few weeks ago, because I don't watch those TV talent shows where a bunch of smart-ass judges pass judgement on the "talent", which many times arsehole producers of the show set up for a laugh ... people they know who don't have talent, but let them on to make bigger fools of themselves in front of a national audience and for the judges to rip apart, like the "inner bitch" in Britney does in the video below (at about the 1:42 minute mark) when she let loose on a poor contestant on some crap American show.
But poor BS has got enough of her own problems right now, which aren't so funny.
Although ironically, I saw a clip last night of Cosentino performing on the same show ... minus the BS;-)
The Message ... Just Be Yourself
I also came across Paul Cosentino telling his life story on the 'One Plus One' TV show on the ABC in 2015, which is the You Tube below the picture of Cos sitting in the electric chair back further above in this post.
I wrote about Cosentino's escapes in this post this morning -
SchrΓΆdinger's Cube?
After I had finished watching Cosentino telling his life story on the 'One Plus One' show, an interview with John Edwards came on where he was on the same TV show back in 2015, so I watched it.
Never being much into John's shtick, or watching his show 'Crossing Over' I looked up his details on Wikipedia and saw that "Gary Schwartz, a psychologist and researcher in the field of parapsychology, designed and administered a series of tests for Edward and several other mediums to investigate their paranormal claims and published his belief that Edward's abilities were genuine in his book The Afterlife Experiments." 
Well, if Gary gives him the thumbs up, that is good enough for me to think John might be genuine.
So, I have to agree with Paul Cosentino with the title of chapter 13 in his book 'Timing is the Secret of the Universe' and I like that Paul also used a quote by an author who I had a personal encounter with when he wasn't all that a big name in my world at the time -
Paulo Coelho on Luck, Coincidence, and Faith
1998: The year I met Paulo at the BWF. Coincidence?
Cosentino is also a big fan of Nikola Tesla, who pretty much was the man responsible for inventing the delivery of electricity to our houses in the form of alternating current (AC) and the invention of radio.
I watched the above PBS doco on Nik at Netflix last night and his story is an impressive one.
Stepping Outside the Echo Chamber That's Re-writing Teenager's Brains?
But we are fast learning that modern technology is a double-edged sword ... or maybe even a sword of Damocles?
Richard Dolan may have a point in his latest podcast?

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