" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 28, 2019

I Can See Clearly Now That Life is a Journey, Not a Destination?

I'm currently reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's autobiography titled 'I Can See Clearly Now' where Wayne didn't give a title to each chapter in the book, just a photograph and a number.
He would though give each chapter the same subheading about halfway through each chapter of 'I Can See Clearly Now', where he would expand on the life situation of his that he had mentioned in that chapter with the benefit of hindsight from looking back through the life he has lived up until he wrote his autobiography.
By the time I got to chapter 21 of Wayne's book I couldn't help thinking that the chapters being numbered were in a way like the numbers of a tarot deck.
Not that they were, because I don't think Wayne was into tarot, but I am, and I couldn't help but see certain correspondences between his book and tarot.
"The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool.
The figure is male and female, above and below, suspended between the heavens and the earth.
It is completeness.
It is also said to represent cosmic consciousness; the potential of perfect union with the One Power of the universe.
It tells us full happiness is to also give back to the world: sharing what we have learned or gained."
From the beginning of Wayne's book 'I Can See Clearly Now' 
Born on April Fool's Day?-)
For instance, in chapter 21 (the world card?-) Wayne talks about how much Abraham Maslow influenced his life and life's work.
Wayne even wrote in chapter 21 how on the day that Wayne received his title of Doctor Wayne Dyer (June, 8th 1970) was the day Abraham Maslow died of a heart attack.
Not that Wayne knew it at the time of writing this book, but he would also die by having a heart attack.
I knew pretty much zip about Maslow's life, but I got this nagging feeling to look up his birthdate, which happened to be April Fool's Day 1908, or April 1st, '08.
108 is a special number in Buddhism by the way, and Chapter 21 of Wayne's book happens to start on page 108.
Jimmy Cliff singing 'I Can See Clearly Now'?-)
was also born on April Fool's Day by the way;-)

And on the subject of JC, Wayne doesn't have a chapter #0, but chapter one in his book does start on JC's supposed birthday of Christmastime and card #1 in the Tarot is the magician:-)
"The Major Arcana are the emblematic picture cards of a tarot deck.
There are usually 22 of these trump cards found in a 78-card deck.
The cards start at 0 and are numbered to 21."
There are 22 major arcana in the tarot and chapter 22 of Wayne's book shows a path, which also makes me equate the tarot with the first 22 chapters of this book, even though Wayne probably had no intention to equate his book with the tarot.
I like in chapter 22 Wayne writes, "I was so drawn to this kind of thinking - that we are responsible for how we process any external event - it's what I intuitively knew way back in grade school when I urged my friends to not be fooled by adult efforts to manipulate them emotionally."
I'll have more posts about this book soon, as I'm only just getting started here:-)
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UPDATE: 2019

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