" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 1, 2019

Anna Breytenbach Communicates with Great White Sharks?

That spot looks very familiar to me;-)
My Cronulla Sharks tattoo I got after our win in 2016
I watched the above You Tube featuring Anna Breytenbach talking about communicating with sharks from the spot I threw my wedding ring into the ocean after my divorce, which I wrote about in this old post back in 2014 -
Love on the Rocks ... A Fool's Journey?
I found that You Tube of Anna talking about sharks at Byron Bay after I had listened to the latest 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' You Tube Anna was on (above).
I enjoyed that podcast and while I kind of agree with Anna with what she says in that talk, I also find her a bit too naive in her hippy type approach to wild animals and their intentions.
Aussie Sync Summit ... Kind of, And You Just Couldn't Make This Stuff Up If You Tried
That's Clarke's Beach behind Anna, by the way, just sayin'
A White Feather on a Byron Beach?
I like how Anna and Rick talk about Rupert Sheldrake's work with animals and the sense of being stared at, as I was reading
Dean Radin's book 'Entangled Minds' where he mentions Rupert's work and the sense of being stared at, on the day I listened to the 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' podcast with Anna.
What Window Are We Going To Go Through Today?
Rupert Sheldrake's Ways to Go Beyond and Why They Work?
There is also mentioned by Anna around the 1:30:00 minute mark of the 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' You Tube about having a feeling of not entering an intersection on a green light and then seeing a car or truck run a red light, similar to the feeling that Bill Bennett thought saved his life and inspired him to make the film 'PGS: The Movie' -
Personal (inner) Guidance System?
While I wouldn't put myself in the same league of animal communicator as Anna, I think I'm pretty good with birds, cats and some dogs, but you won't get me near big cats, dogs or sharks backing myself not to be hurt by an animal because of my ability.
If You Want to Avoid Being Attacked by Magpies, Just Make an Effort to be Friends with Them
Lupita Nyong’o and Black Panthers?
My somewhat faded black panther tattoo
To me some animals, just like some humans, are psychopaths who just want to kill or hurt you, no matter what cosmic connection we may share on a spiritual level.
Silence of the Lambs ... to the slaughter?
While I'm pretty happy with my communication skills and friendships with bird life and most humans and their pets that I encounter while walking along Byron Bay beaches, I don't feel like backing my skills in the water with the life lurking in it.
I'm quite happy to let people like Mick Fanning let his fists do the talking out there in the surf, while I watch from the beach.   
Fate, or Just Dark Coincidence?
I do enjoy talking to whales though, whether just in my imagination or otherwise?
But from the relative safety of a boat - 
Successful Whale Watching Thought Experiment ... or Just a Big Coincidence?
That's one thought experiment I would  like to try again one day soon.

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