" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 26, 2019

Just Who is Philip Gardiner?

Or should that be I don't Gnosis?-)
A search on Amazon Prime finds 43 of Phil's 93 movies
Until I opened a monthly Amazon Prime account recently I hadn't heard of Philip Gardiner, and while I wouldn't directly pay to watch his click bait-ey films, I do find them entertaining at least.
I just wonder if he actually believes what he is saying in the ones I've watched so far?
Who's in the "Illuminati"? Everybody But You Apparently, But We Know That You're in it, Too?-)
The 'Rape and Pillage Tour' and Just What Message Are We Sending Ourselves?
I must say that while the "Illuminati" ones I find hard to take seriously I did like the ones of Phil's on magick and "God" being alive.
God is Dead and/or Alive?
Interesting talk in that You Tube above from a few years ago at Aeon Byte about Ian Fleming and his Bond books.
I'd like to know what 'Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang' was all about, too;-)
The Afterlife?
I hope there is a gift shop up there;-)
I'm sure Stephen Hawking would have preferred taking the escalator to heaven rather than the stairway;-)
"Philip has a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing and 9 diploma's ranging from Personnel Management through to Holistic Medicine and the craft of Etymology.
He has come from a humble background and is self-made.
Although he has been asked on numerous occasions to become "a member" of several institutions, Philip has strictly refused on the grounds of independence -- seeing membership of certain organizations as being overtly influential on his research and understanding of the truths of mankind.
Philip believes that some authors/researchers have been lead into membership of institutions or "societies" and are therefore of questionable authority.
His background in the history of propaganda and the ancient and ongoing manipulation of mankind tell him that such things do indeed occur.
He has however joined (upon being requested) a couple of what are known as secret societies in-order to find out what was happening inside -- the conclusions of these journalistic forays appear in his books and he is no longer a member of any organization.
Before retiring to dedicate his time to researching and writing, Philip was a Marketing Director and owner of a company in the UK.
Part of this role included giving lectures on the art and history of marketing and propaganda to various organizations including certain government bodies and companies.
Philip has acted as an advisor to various other authors regarding mythology and history."
But just how much of that blurb about Phil is the truth and how much is just myth? 
And just how much of what Phil says does he believe himself?
American Cosmic and Launch Fever?
I'm just impressed that Jeff Bezos would screen 43 of Phil's 93 films on his Amazon Prime platform.
That Strategic Marketing degree has really paid dividends it would seem Phil when the richest known person on the planet is buying your stuff.
And I don't know why, but I feel compelled to watch all 43 of Phil's movies and then beg for Jeff to give me access to the other 50, which I feel I must watch, too;-)

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