" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 8, 2019

Jerk Birds?

Cockie bin chickens?
The ibis (AKA the bin chicken)
The start of a chapter from the book I'm reading now, 'F*CK WHALES'
I've never heard the term "jerk birds" until I read the news story of how cockatoos in certain parts of Australia are getting smart and helping themselves to the contents of people's wheelie bins.
Seeing these birds raiding bins in one part of Australia reminded me of concept of morphic resonance and how biological patterns may transfer across space and time, like Rupert Sheldrake talks about in the You Tube below.
And I wondered how long until the cockatoos in my area turn into "jerk birds" on rubbish bin day:-)
Copycat cockie behaviour persists for generations
I like birds in general, but it's no wonder people give these cockatoos away for free:-)
Birds Should Be Free!
I also saw this news story below during the week about a species of bird that I love. 
It appears that every species has its jerks. 
Even within the AFL you get jerk supporters, just ask anyone who follows the AFL and isn't a Collingwood supporter;-)
I also listened to the You Tube below a few days ago titled,
'Why the Magical World is FOR THE BIRDS!! The Truth About the “Myth"- Does it REALLY Exist?'
I almost passed on listening to it, because I thought it was going to be too hippy-dippy, which it kind of was.
But as I'm listening to Suzanne talk about her owl encounters I start wondering whatever happened to the kookaburra that used to sit on the lamppost outside my home.
I hadn't seen the bird for weeks and thought something might have happened to the bird, or it just moved on to another area.
As I sat there listening to the podcast I kept wondering why the bird hasn't shown up for weeks.
And this is no lie, after a few minutes wondering about the kookaburra I had a feeling to take a look out the window at the lamppost that the bird likes to sit on and there it was.
One Frightening Kookaburra
Now this was either one bizarre coincidence or the bird has somehow picked up on my thoughts about me thinking of it sitting on top of the lamp.
It was like how Rupert talks about a sense of being stared at, but this was more like a sense of knowing the bird was there and knowing it knew that I knew it was there.
What if DOG/GOD was One of Us?
Found DOG/GOD?-)
I would have to agree with the article linked below -
Australia breeds brainy birds
Even if some of those birds can be jerks at times.

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