" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 6, 2019

Thoughts About Consciousness?

What is a thought?
What is a feeling
What is an idea?
What is a taste?
What is a color?
What is consciousness?

I listened to some very thought provoking podcasts about consciousness over the past few weeks that have made me think just what was I thinking by listening to them?-)
TED Podcast: Mind Meld 171 | Annaka Harris | Why the Lights Are On
Two of the podcasts were with the wife of Sam Harris about her new book 'Conscious' and the only reason I underline the fact that Annaka is the wife of Sam Harris is because on one of the other podcasts the host of that podcast calls Sam Harris a nincompoop over Sam's thoughts on just what consciousness is, which I THINK is a little childish, even if I don't agree with Sam's thoughts on consciousness either.
Maybe Alex should have Annaka on 'Skeptiko' to talk about her thoughts on what being conscious means to her?
Skeptiko Podcast #425 Sean Webb, Understanding Consciousness Can Lead to Happiness
There is also a series of podcasts called 'Where is My Mind' which is worth a listen to as well when it comes to thinking about thinking ... and life.
And there is a somewhat wacky, if not amusing, but also thought provoking podcast at those vape peddling shits and giggles guy's latest podcast at 'Mysterious Universe' -
Do you guys really think pushing vaping products is an ethical thing to do?
22.09 – MU Podcast
If you listen to all of those podcasts you'll really have something to think about when it comes to being a conscious being, I think;-)
Gillian Ross on 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' and Consciousness Vs Catastrophe?
On the subjects of people named Harris, death and life after death, as soon as I posted this post I saw a tragic story in the news about a singer I had never heard of before named Kylie Rae Harris, who got killed in a car crash after texting a very eerie message about death and family connections of people in her family who had died in the area she was killed in.
Makes you wonder just what life and death are all about, don't it?

From the September 8th Sunday Mail newspaper
Not a happy finding for an already sad ending, it seems.

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