" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 14, 2019

Tool: 10,000 Days/Fear Inoculum?

September 8?!
I can't say that I'm a real fan of 'Tool' even though I did buy their last album '10 000 Days', which was released 13 years ago.
I rarely play the CD, as I mainly bought it for Alex Grey's art work and because Alex signed the CD for me.
I read a 5 star review on the band's new album 'Fear Inoculum' in a colour supplement from my local newspaper printed on
September 8th, 2019.
Oddly enough, the first movie in the new 'IT' reboot was released on September 8, 2017.
Which was 27 years after 'IT' was made for TV.
And if you know the story-line to 'IT', the clown comes back 27 years later, which is around about 10,000 days.
27 is KING in the Loser's Club?
A story about a father's suicide in the same September 8th lift-out
September 8?!
There was also a write up on the "IT" girl in this Sunday supplement, because 'IT: Chapter 2' had just been released on September 6th, 2019 at the cinema, like I mentioned in my last post -
Destination Happiness and the Cosmic Prankster?
September 8 and synchronicity?
IT's just a dark coincidence surely.
The novel turns 33 years old tomorrow, by the way;-)
I guess this all synchs into Chris Knowles' latest post at
'The Secret Sun' blog -
Send in the (Killer) Clowns. Don't Bother. They're Here

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