" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 29, 2019

Humanity Insanity-Throwaway Society is KILLING all life on Earth?

Well, what a weird synchromystic morning of media watching it has been for me in my part of the world today.
From an August 2019 newspaper I fished out of my recycling bin:-)
Like retards?!
Did BTTF Predict What Would Give Michael J Fox His Future Illness?
Click to make image bigger and see what looks like a skull in this BTTF2 screen shot
While watching some (it goes for over 7 and a half hours) of David Charles Plate's film 
'Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: Everything Predicts 9/11'
I saw an old Micheal J Fox Pepsi TV commercial from 1989, where his double knocks him into a garbage dumpster.
I had never seen that commercial before today and the only reason I started to watch David's 7 and a half hour film was because I  listened to a 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' podcast featuring a women named Cassandra, where people like Greta Thunberg and their sincerity were mentioned:-)
Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: Everything Predicts 9/11?
I had been working my way through a few of Philip Gardiner's click-bait-ey "documentaries" on Amazon Prime, only because I have an account similar to what Netflix give you, where you pay something like $6.99/month and you can watch whatever films and TV shows Amazon has to offer, and for some reason Amazon Prime have about half of Phil's movies there to watch in their catalogue.
Just Who is Philip Gardiner?
Two of Phil's titles I watched over the weekend, 'Humanity Insanity' (which wasn't bad) and 'Earth Population Overload', which is pretty much the same film with the fear factor turned to the (Pepsi?-) max.
Having an older "retarded" brother myself I had go back over what I thought I heard Phil say in both of those films about "retards" and sure enough that's what he said.
He also mentioned something about "rich slobs" buying and wearing diamonds, which is kind of personally synchy, since I am in the middle of reading 'The Bling Ring', which is the real life story about a gang of rich kids who broke into rich "reality stars" homes and stole clothes and jewelry.
Infamous "Social Media" and the Media?
What does that say about iPad and iPhone users like me, Phil?-)
Manhattan Project Beer/Double Half-Life?
Back to the Future: The Massive Speaker is Meant to be the Bomb that was Dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15
It sure is an insane world we are living in and they were just a few "throwaway" insane synchs that lined up for me this weekend:-)
But I guess that you are thinking to yourself, "what rubbish!"

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