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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 28, 2019

Is the Eyes Wide Shut (Official?) Trailer Kubrick's Own Room 237 When It Comes to the Apollo Missions?

Eyes Wide Shut - Official Trailer [1999] HD
4 pillars?
Stanley Kubrick has been dead for 20 years this year and it is also the 20 year anniversary of his last film 'Eyes Wide Shut'.
Over the years there has been debate as to whether Kubrick was alluding to the Apollo missions being faked with many nudge-nudge-wink-wink scenes in his movie 'The Shining'.
I tend to think that he was, but people like Rob Ager will tell you otherwise ... or at least sit on the fence when it comes to the supposed moon messages in Stan's movies.
Rob's sticking to his Native American theory when it comes to 'The Shining' and while that is a valid theory as well, why can't there be a few themes running through the subtext of the film?
Obviously Rob is a big fan of Freud, but sometimes a rocket is just a rocket Rob ... close, but no cigar?-
I've got to say that Rob's augments are a bit pathetic and he has gone for the low hanging fruit in his "debunking" film. 
And just because Stanley may be alluding to the Apollo missions doesn't necessarily mean that he was the one involved in filming fake footage ... but who knows, right?
What's up Doc?-)
Silly me, I thought that was a full moon for a moment:-)
Here's a few more wild theories from just looking at Rob's debunking film about Apollo 11.
In the above shot you have the Peanuts character Woodstock up in the clouds with some kind of rainbow sphere balloon (moon perhaps?) and Dopey from Walt Disney's film 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' sneaking up on Danny in what looks like a screen memory reference to Room 237 in the Overlook.
And how many Apollo missions were there to the moon... seven?-)
And if you want to take those theories about Jack being Stan to heart, maybe the beautiful young woman (luna energy?) turning into a nightmare might also allude to the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' and the man behind the curtain scene, where the powerful space technology to get a man through the radiation belts safely to the moon and back is all just smoke and mirrors to convince the Ruskies what a great and powerful nation the USA is when it comes to space?  
You would have to be Dopey to think man hasn't walked on the moon, right?
There is also a Snoopy dressed as a baseball player looking left up towards Woodstock, so maybe this is a rather "left field" idea on my part, hey Rob?-)
Ex-NAZI now a peace loving NASA spokesman?-)
Hmm ... what happened last month man?-)
The car endorsed by Hitler?!
Opening scene of 'The Shining'
Does 'The Love Bug' turn 50 this year, or last year? Ah, who cares?
Let's not forget that the big music festival Woodstock the Peanuts character is named after took place in 1969, the same year Apollo 11 got to the moon;-)
And I think that is an owl to the left of the big Snoopy, but that might not be what it seems, right?-)
I could go a lot further down 'The Shining' rabbit hole Rob, but I want to write about the "official" trailer for 'Eyes Wide Shut' that I saw last night at this link below -
Eyes Wide Shut - Official Trailer [1999] HD

I couldn't embed that You Tube into this post for some reason, so you'll have to click on that link above and watch it on You Tube.
Kubrick wanted 'Eyes Wide Shut' released on July 16th, 1999, for some reason, which coincidentally just happened to be the day 30 years after 1969 that the Apollo 11 blasted off to the moon ... if you believe it just didn't orbit high around the earth until it was time for splash down.
This "official" trailer for EWS starts off with Bill asking "so what's the big mystery?", with Nick saying that he has seen one or two things in his life, but never anything like this.
Then Bill tells Nick that there is no way on Earth that you're going to be there without you taking me with you and then Nick hands Bill the password to the party, "Fidelio".
"Fidelio was the first opera performed in Berlin after the end of the World War II, with the Deutsche Oper staging it under the baton of Robert Heger at the only undamaged theatre, the 
Theater des Westens, in September 1945.
At the time, Thomas Mann remarked: "What amount of apathy was needed [by musicians and audiences] to listen to Fidelio in Himmler's Germany without covering their faces and rushing out of the hall!""

Hmm ... I've seen a light like that somewhere before I think;-)
Notice that 'Eyes Wide Shut' takes place at Christmas time?
SPOILER ALERT: Santa ain't real no matter what you've been told ... not to mention another probable mythological character people would have you believe is real;-)  
Then Chris[t] Isaak's 'Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing' starts playing when the password has been passed to Bill.
Then the trailer cuts to a room with a pool table with red felt (pool sharking the Ruskies?) instead of the traditional green where the host tells Bill suppose I said that all of "that" was fake?
Then it cuts to a monolithic looking screen shot with the words
'A Stanley Kubrick Picture'.
Coincidentally, or not, Stanley's Eyes would be Wide Shut by the time July 16th, 1999 came round.
I wonder what Stanley would have made out of the year 2001 if he had have been alive to see it?
I guess we can only speculate on that one, too?

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