" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 22, 2019

Jordan Peterson Enters Rehab to Get Off the Anti-anxiety Drug Clonazepam?

I saw this headline about Jordan Peterson entering rehab in the news last night -
Jordan Peterson enters rehab after wife’s cancer diagnosis
I first heard about Jordan Peterson when watching a Gordon White driving down-under video, which I wrote about in this post -
A Magical Drive in Tasmania with Gordon White from Rune Soup?
Oddly enough, it was the ravens/crows in that video of Gordo's that caught my attention, as I kind of see the crow as my "spirit animal".
Crows of course eat a lot of meat, so I was amazed to hear about this so called "Lion Diet" that was mentioned in the news about Peterson's drug rehab stint ... the first I had heard of this Lion Diet.
I myself, while not a Vegetarian or Vegan, haven't eaten meat, apart from seafood, for the last two years, nor dairy.
And I gave up eggs a few months ago after reading about prostate problems and the part eggs in your diet can play in that.
While I'm not personally against people who eat meat, I think the all meat diet is for the birds (crows/ravens/vultures/eagles/hawks/etc) or lions:-) 
Diets are tricky things I feel and it's all about balance when it comes to eating I think.
There is no one diet that will get you through this circle of life unscathed, whether you are a militant Vegan or mega meat-eater.
And God knows what's in our food and water these days anyway, right?
How Does Red Meat Affect the Kidneys?
Personally I would avoid extreme diets such as Veganism or all meat diets.
I also think that most westerners eat way too much meat in their diets to be healthy and unless you have buckets of cash, it's pretty hard to remain healthy on a Vegan diet.
Jordan Peterson the Culture Warrior?
I'm not one for rules and BS lists,
but rule
2 and 12 I like:-)
The Dark Horse of Cultural Appropriation and Plagiarism?
When it comes to rules and people, the only rule I like is the 
"Golden Rule" and I don't care where that rule was plagiarized from;-)
Once Upon a Time ... in Europe?
I've got to say though that lions seem to be the animal of the moment, but maybe Jordan needs to pay more attention to Jaguars in the Panthera genius and head down to South America for a jungle juice journey to help control that anxiety?-)
Jung's Red Book for Our Time?
Apocalypse Pharmaka and #137?
The August 27th, 2019 front page of 'The Courier Mail'

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