" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 11, 2019

How to Let Go & Live in Flow, But Make IT Happen?

I listened to the latest Guy Lawrence podcast titled 
'How to Tune Into Our Mind - Heart - Gut Connection', which really was a podcast from Guy's wife's podcast show 'Love & Guts' where Lynda interviewed Guy about his backstory ... or what he thinks is his backstory.
I thought, hang on, didn't I write a post about this practice, as I had a gut feeling that I did?-)
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I like to follow my heart, which to me is like following my bliss, as Joseph Campbell would say, and I do listen to my gut, which to me is like paying attention to a bad "gut feeling" and avoiding the thing that is giving me a bad "gut feeling".
So to me a "gut feeling" is a negative feeling and "following my heart" is a joyous, Godly, nice warm and fuzzy feeling.
So, basically if my body was a Ouija board, "heart feeling" would be a "yes", "gut feeling" would be a "no".
That's my idea of going with the flow ... and what can I say ... when I do listen to my heart and gut I can do no wrong.
IT's when I listen to the advice of my "rational mind" that life goes down the sewer (just to keep with the gut metaphors here, not to mention the IT metaphors:-) for me.
I then listened to what was actually Guy's last podcast (the You tube above) titled 'How to let go & live in flow *Retreat Special*', which was about "going with the flow".
Then I listened to Lynda's latest podcast at 'Love & Guts' with Jordanna Levin talking about her new book 'Make It Happen' -
Jordanna Levin | How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

#117 In this episode author, podcaster, manifester and lunar lover Jordanna Levin shares how your thoughts and feelings PLUS your actions and faith create your reality!
Whether you're a matter-of-fact skeptic or a somewhat hippie yoga-lover, Jordanna’s foolproof manifestation equation will empower you to take ownership of your life and create anything you want.
Now, I'd just seen the movie 'IT: Chapter 2' that same week I listened to all these podcasts, so to see a book titled 'Make IT Happen' was something that sounded rather Stephen King to me:-)
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Especially when Jordanna wrote her book from the angle of turning all the bad things she was thinking that seemed to manifest into her life like, a broken bone, bad relationships and cancelled flights into thinking more positive thoughts and manifesting only the good into her life.
So being a Libra/Virgo and giving me three options to weigh up like, go with the flow/good thoughts manifest good things/bad thoughts bring bad things into your life, I was confused to say the least.
So, how do I make IT happen, without making IT happen
And is it safe to "go with the flow" still?
I always thought that if I wanted to make IT laugh then I should just tell IT my plans;-)
Going with the flow has never landed me in the sewer and my motto is if IT ain't broken, then don't try to fix IT.
Do you really believe that YOU have the power to manifest whatever you want into your life, good or bad?
My observations of most lives in this tapestry we call life is that we really don't have the power we think we have when it comes to making OUR own decisions in life, but we are given that illusion to think our conscious selves (and how conscious is that really?) are solely/souly responsible for our lives.
And I think that we need to believe that to some extent, otherwise why would we bother getting out of bed in the morning?
People often talk about following THEIR dreams, but where do YOUR dreams come from anyway?
Surely when you sleep your dreams aren't coming from your conscious mind, so where do they come from?
My guess is the huge collective mind that we are all tapped into and a part of.
Which is why I tend to go with the flow, because that is probably where we are all headed anyway.
The way that I see IT is that if I sat down and planned this life out before I got here, then wouldn't going with the flow and following my heart, while paying attention to my gut feelings be the best course for me to flow through life?
And if life is all random chaos, then nothing really matters anyway and we will soon be back to the oblivion we came from, right?
But my heart and my gut feeling ... and even my rational mind, tells me that last question is the biggest pile of s#!t you could ever think of if you really thought about IT;-)
And don't ask me where that thought came from, because I would have to think about IT some more:-)
When IT comes to life, IT happens, although usually in a good way, if you pay attention to your dreams, gut and heart.
Still, IT can't hurt to dream, right?-)

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