" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 4, 2019

Six Degrees of Sophia Rokhlin?

I watched a Watkins Books video this morning titled
'At the Edge of the Ayahuasca ceremony by Sophia Rokhlin' featuring an actress who was born on December 14.
Also born on December 14
While sharing the same day as another actor for blowing out candles on your birthday cake isn't the same as working with them on a filmed drama in a 'Six Degrees of Separation' sense, it's still kind of synchromystic on some level I feel.
Eternal Flame of the Spotless Predestined Mind?-)
Starring Sophia Rokhlin as Beatrice
Apocalypse Pharmaka and #137?
Is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a New Level of Genius ... or Just One Accidental Subconscious Synchromystic Trip?
AYAHUASCA: Into The Dark Abyss?
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Under the Silver Lake and the Milky Way?
I wouldn't mind trying ayahuasca, but I really, really hate vomiting and try to avoid it at all costs, as I feel like I'm going to choke to death every-time I do.
And no, I'm not possessed by a demon ... it's more like an alien;-)
I have to say though that when I heard Sophia say at around the 27 minute mark of that Watkins video that taking ayahuasca is a bit like scuba diving and you should have a guide with you, I couldn't help thinking of the recent news of the scuba diving boat off the coast of California -
A Hollywood Horror Show Synch?
Scuba diving is something I wouldn't have wanted to do anyway, but life is a gamble.
It just depends on how much you want to bet against the odds, no matter how high they seem I guess.
Bad Omens in the Stars of the Stars?
Synchromysticism: the elephant in the room?-)
Kurt Russell in 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' 
Life is a scary enough trip when you are stone cold sober I think.
I can't wait to hear how Michael from the 'Third Eye Drops' podcast gets on with his first trip on ayhauasca.

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