" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 25, 2019

Edutainment: Understanding That the Movie IS the Movie?

Cinema 8?-) ?
The answer to life ...? 2x3x7=42 (4x2=8) 8=?
#428?! 42/8?-)
Timing is everything when it comes to life, the universe and everything I think.
I just listened to the latest 'Skeptiko' podcast #428 with Richard Cox and have to say that many of his thoughts are thoughts I share about life.
Skeptiko Podcast #428: Richard Cox, is 9/11 Deeply Spiritual?
When I was placing mt infinity symbol in my folder it was 8:08am:-)
Even when I was copying that screenshot of the infinity symbol I used further above in this post to explain tongue-in-cheek the meaning of seeing 'Ad Astra' in cinema #8 yesterday to a folder on my computer I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed the time was 8:08 am.
So I had to include a screenshot of that in this post as well, especially when I saw some old Crowley images I had in the folder from previous posts I had worked on and one of those images was Crowley's AA seal:-)
IT's Just a Ride?
I actually had no intention of seeing 'Ad Astra' at the cinema yesterday.
I went to see a movie about the first female jockey ever to have won the Melbourne Cup and as I was leaving the cinema I noticed that 'Ad Astra' was about to start and I remembered my half-hearted comment to Marie about a post she wrote about seeing the movie on her blog and I realized that if I didn't go see it right then that I probably wouldn't make an effort to see this movie at the cinema, and since I had nothing planned for the night I bought a ticket on the spur of the moment.
The Significance of R ... oy?-)
And while I wasn't as wrapped in the movie as this alien/hybrid looking woman in the movie review about 'Ad Astra' in the You Tube below, I was glad I saw it for a number of other reasons.
Is that NOS4A2 on her shelf?-)
My father is dead, so I'd have to travel further than Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) did in the movie to find him ... or would I?-)
Infinite Possibilities?
Brad Pitt as Clifford Booth in 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood'
The Fool's Journey of CLIFF Booth?-)
I had to smirk when I saw Pitt's father in the movie 'Ad Astra' was named Clifford:-)
I had to laugh when watching 'Ad Astra' at the moon sequence, because I remember Patrick Moore the astronomer asking the Apollo 11 astronauts about seeing stars from the moon and they said that they couldn't or didn't see any from the moon.
So I was watching this movie to see if they would have stars visible from the lunar surface.
One minute it appeared that there would be none and then the next the lunar sky was full of them.
I also found it amusing that a film made about the search for alien life was made by a [James] Gray who was born in 1969, the year man allegedly set foot on the moon.
Bad Omens: The Final Conflict?
Maybe not a good omen having Sam Neill play your father in a movie, but as I'm watching the movie 'Ride Like a Girl' I couldn't help thinking how the number 8 hasn't been a particularly fortuitous number in my own life.

"The youngest child of Paddy and Mary Payne, Payne grew up on a farm at Miners Rest, a locality near Ballarat in central Victoria, Australia.
Her mother Mary died in a motor vehicle crash when Payne was six months old, leaving her father Paddy to raise their ten children as a single father.
Payne dreamt of being a winning jockey as a child, and, aged seven, told friends she would one day win the Melbourne Cup.
She attended Our Lady Help of Christians primary school and Loreto College, Ballarat, and entered racing aged 15, the eighth of the Payne children to do so."
Synchronicity, 42 and Owls?
Me and my brothers at Nan's old house #8
My Nan was a Roman Catholic and loved horse racing.
Nan, me and dad would go to the races all the time when I was growing up.
She passed away in that house pictured above from a cerebral hemorrhage on my father's birthday while on the phone to my mother.
She complained to my mother that she could no longer see and had a pain in her head, then she collapsed with the phone still off the hook. 
My father drove over and busted the door open to find her dead.
I was out at the drive-in watching a movie with friends that night and didn't find out until I got home in the morning.
And that was April 8th Nan passed away in her house numbered 8.
21 days later Nan's favourite racehorse died, too.
The Finishing Post: Goondiwindi Grey?
My Nan's favourite horse ... and they died about 21 days apart
Michelle has had two horror falls, one in 2004 that left her with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain, and had her family trying to convince her to give up the sport she loved.
In the movie the horse that nearly kills her was wearing a number 8 on the saddle cloth.
It's a fine line between pleasure and pain Payne?
I went to the cinema to see 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' for the third time since it's release and I was amazed at the stuff I picked up on this screening I missed the first two times.
Keep your eyes and ears open for 8s throughout this movie, as it pretty much takes place from February 8th to August 8th ... and a wee bit into August 9th, 1969.
And of course when Leo asks Trudi Fraser if she is 12, she looks at him and tells him that she is 8:-)
Trudi Fraser in 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' is Based on Jodie Foster Mr. Knowles?
I mainly went because the Palace Cinema chain e-mailed me and told me they had put $10 on my membership card to use at the bar because of my birthday on the 23rd of this month
2x3x7=42 (4x2=88=?
So I got a free beer and the expiry date just happened to be 23/07/20:-)
It wasn't lost on me that the actress who played Michelle Payne in 'Ride Like a Girl' was also the star of a movie titled '2:37'.
I must admit that '4 Pines Beer' is one of my favourite beers, but until today I never knew where it was brewed, because I would usually buy it off the tap or in a plastic cup, like the one I bought at the Gabba in my home town of Brisbane the night Manly beat my beloved Sharks in a NRL knockout final the same night my beloved Lions season came to an end to the GWS Giants in the AFL.
It's brewed in Manly (Ride/Play Like a Girl?-), if like me you didn't know ... until today.
And just to rub it in the alcohol content is 1.3%, 13 just happening to be the number of Cronulla-Sutherland's retiring captain Paul Gallen's number.
Don't worry about this year Gal, as you'll go down in history as the first captain who ever lifted the NRL grand final winners trophy for the Sharks, and I was there on the night to shake your hand after the win ... which explains why I came down with the flu that week, since apparently you had the flu on the night my son told me when it was too late for my lungs.
This post could go on forever, but I have to end it somewhere I guess.
Although, it's not all folks.
More to come in future posts.

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