" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 7, 2019

Looks Like the Tigers Will Have to Break a Real Hoodoo to Beat the Lions Tonight?

I've been going to Lion's games at the Gabba all year (barring the last game against the Cats because it sold out before I could get tickets), but I hadn't heard about one die-hard fan sprinkling her husband's ashes over the playing field (no wonder the grass on the playing surface looks so good in patches;-).
I thought what a lovely gesture, I should have talked my mother into sprinkling my father's ashes over Brisbane racetracks, instead of under a tree he planted in our backyard, only then for my mother to sell the property years later.
Although, being a Lion's fan myself, I couldn't help thinking if what this lady did was something akin to a Hoodoo practice, in a magical sense.
Tripping with Lions/Shamanism and Football?
"It is believed one's soul returns to God after death, however their spirit may still remain on Earth.
Spirits can interact with the world by providing good fortune or bringing bad deeds.
A spirit that torments the living is known as a Boo Hag."
My view at the MCG on June 25th, 2016
Ironically, tonight the Brisbane Lions take on the Richmond Tigers in a final at the Gabba.
The Gabba has a capacity of 42,000;-)
Back in 2016 I caught my first game at the MCG after coming back from Tasmania when both our sides were hovering around the bottom of the table and the crowd total on the day was a measly 22,000 real die-hard fans (the fans that don't just come to a game just when the team is winning) and I remember saying to a Richmond supporter there, wouldn't it be good if in a few years time this would be a grand final match instead of a fixture.
We both laughed at that one thinking that would be a possibility so far into the future that we would both be long gone by then.
But this year that could be a real possibility.
Of course for that to happen Richmond would have to bounce back from the defeat they are going to cop tonight when the Lions magically send the Tigers to the knock-out phase of the finals;-)
And I'll be there tonight willing my Lions on to victory, while trying to get into the heads of the Richmond kickers going for goal.
Lion King Ooshies?
So good luck to all you Richmond supporters at the game tonight, because you will need every ounce of it;-)
Oh, and just in case things are looking bad at three-quarter time for my beloved Lions, I've brought my youngest son along to the game with me (even though he is 25 now).
Hey, we all have to make sacrifices for the game, don't we?-)

Looks like Hoodoo is a bit overrated when it comes to goal setting, but the Lions still have one more game up their sleeve next week against the GWS Giants and luckily I still have one more son up my sleeve to play, as well;-)
Personally though, I think the Lions coach is just being a pool shark knowing that we would probably meet the Tigers in the grand final, so he told the boys to throw the game tonight so we could shock them on grand final day when we play our best game of the season at the most lucrative sports betting odds.
Rack 'em up again Richmond and see ya in the grand final ... maybe?-)
I must say though that the grass came up looking a treat on the night for some reason:-)

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