" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 10, 2019

Striking World Images and the Future of Education and the Planet?

Some kind of Chinese teacher's day today?
I don't read Chinese, but I couldn't help wondering just what the Chinese were celebrating today when I tore off yesterday's page from my kitchen wall calendar to see today's picture of what looks to me student's honouring their teacher.
I also noticed the news stories about it being one year since
Greta Thunberg started hitting the news headlines -
How Greta Thunberg Captured Our Attention on Climate 
Oddly enough, Rick Archer from 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' has just put the talk he had with Gillian Ross up today on Apple podcasts and I was having a listen again this morning, having listened to the talk when it first went live and I couldn't help thinking how it's even more relevant two weeks into the future than it was when it was first recorded.
Gillian Ross on 'Buddha at the Gas Pump' and Consciousness Vs Catastrophe?
When that podcast was recorded the Amazon was burning, now Gillian's and my backyards are on fire and it's only just turned spring in Australia.
Queensland's bushfire devastation captured in pictures
Memories Going Up in Smoke?
One of my favourite bushwalking spots that I spent a lot of time in when I was younger has been devastated by fire, which leaves an empty feeling in my heart and a sense of despair for the planet in general.
'A mind of its own': Fire rips through heritage Binna Burra Lodge
An old 'Midnight Oil' song comes to mind when I see those images above, but there might not be anything worth "giving back" soon the way the world is heading.
What Will Children's Day Look Like in 2040?
Let's hope things look better for the Earth in 2040 when a new generation will be heading off to school ... hopefully.

As soon as I posted this post the latest '42 Minutes' podcast popped up on my Apple podcast playlist and I had a listen while I did some housework.
It seemed to hook in very synchromystically with my post I thought, so maybe I need to get a copy of Richard Powers 'The Overstory'?
A rating of 4.20?!
I guess I'll really have to read it now seeing the 'The Overstory' has a 4.20 rating at the Goodreads site;-)

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