" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 9, 2019

Blinded by the Nautical Star?

I decided to get a tattoo yesterday for my right wrist and I got what is known more or less as the eight-pointed nautical star.
True North (Star)?
Star Symbolism and Meaning For Tattoos (Or Whatever You Like)
I'd been thinking about getting a tattoo for my right wrist for for weeks now, I just had to settle for what design I wanted to put there and through a series of shamanic like and synchronistic coincidences the nautical eight-pointed star seemed just Goldilocks right for me.
I even noticed that an old post I wrote about Frieda Hughes was getting a lot of traffic to it for some reason and when I pulled that post up to reread it there was a photo of the star I took on my 2016 road trip through Oz, so there was another wink for me I guess -  
Frieda Hughes and the Shamanic Spirit of Art?
I find it ironic that Frieda was born on April Fool's Day:-) 
Every man/woman is a star jump?-)
To me that design was symbolic on so many levels I could probably write a couple of books on just why that is so ... but I won't, because only I would buy them probably.
To me it's not just a nautical star, a north star (I live in the Southern hemisphere anyway, which I think is the best part of the planet, so why should I head north?-), a when you wish upon a star, a reminder that every man and every woman is a star, a better symbol than that crappy chaos magick symbol is for true magick, a symbol for hope, inspiration and renewal, an archetypal Christ symbol, and many other things besides. 
Hey, is that an eight-pointed star on my cinema ticket?-)
I didn't really plan on going to a movie after getting my tattoo, but I had to leave the glad wrap on my tattoo for two hours and the cinema was right around the corner from the tattoo shop, so I thought I'd see what was playing that might be worth a look.
Pretty much the only movie I could catch without having to wait around for half an hour or so was a movie I didn't know too much about and probably wouldn't have bothered going to the cinema to see if I wasn't there already looking for a movie to watch.
The only real appeal I could see in seeing this movie was the soundtrack of Bruce Springsteen songs, as while I wouldn't say that I'm a super-fan of Bruce's (like the guy in the movie who has seen Bruce play live 150 times as opposed to my twice), I am a huge fan and his music has been a huge part of my own life's soundtrack though.
I always thought Bruce's music gelled with my own thinking because me and Bruce were born on September 23rd and were both born on the cusp of Virgo/Libra:-)
I still kinda do.
So I bought a ticket to this movie and as I'm sitting there watching this movie that flashed up at the start the words, "based on a true story" I was wondering just how true it was and just what rating this sometimes cringe worthy, but OK movie had on
Rotten Tomatoes, as I thought it would have been canned (pardon the pun:-).
But no, Rotten Tomatoes loved this movie surprisingly ... to me anyway.
I wouldn't have given it a fresh tomato, but I wouldn't have given it a rotten one either.
Maybe one out of a can, as I liked the movie as much as I disliked it.
To me growing up from a secular Jewish background with a father who owned and drove his own taxi cab, it was rather funny how this guy's father would warn the main character how most Pakistan migrants would turn to cab driving to make a living, like that was a bad thing.
And how his father would drop him off at school and tell him to follow the Jews, as they knew how to get ahead in the world.
If he had have gone to my school and taken that advice he would have dropped out in Junior high and been pushing shopping trolleys for K-mart or working for Nazi inspired furniture stores for most of his adult life;-)
His father in the film kept calling Bruce a Jewish singer, even though I lost count how many times the son corrected his father.
Although, I must admit it always baffled me how an Irish/Italian kid wound up with a Jewish sounding surname like Springsteen.
Then again, I'll bet a lot of my friends wonder how a secular mainly Jewish kid ended up with an Irish surname, too.
The answer in my case was through a second marriage when my Nan married an Irish guy, who would have been my step grandfather I guess, if you were wondering.
Watching a movie about an American loving Muslim boy, titled 'Blinded by the Light' and inspired from the title of
the only Springsteen song to hit #1 on the main music charts
(although not Bruce's version of the song) and was recorded on September 11th (1972) was a bit eerie in 2019 hindsight.
I'll have to read Sarfraz Manzoor's biography, as while I never grew up experiencing too much personal racism like he did, it's not that hard for most people from immigrant backgrounds to relate to.
I'm a bit of a mongrel like Bruce with his Irish/Italian background, and I grew up with and played football with Greek and Italian immigrant kids when Australians would call them wogs as a derogatory term.
And while I don't have Italian or Greek blood I was often called a wog too when playing for an Italian soccer club, because of my own olive skin that browns when it gets enough sun.
Apart from my main DNA groups of 62%, this is what is left ... apparently
I took one of those Ancestry DNA tests a while back and every couple of months Ancestry notify me with an update of my genetic breakdown, which I find somewhat frustrating and creepy at the same time.
Frustrating, because one minute I'm 17% Irish/Scottish and 6% Swedish, then after I go telling my mother, brother and sister another update tells me forget that last one, because now you're 16% Swedish, 2% Norwegian, 12% Germanic Europe, 4% Baltic and now even 1% Southern & Eastern Indian.
And where did my Spanish DNA go this time round?
Then they send me a map of Denmark and tell me I share genes with 140, 000 Danes in their data base.
I knew most my mother's side came out from Denmark, so that's no big news, but I do find it all rather creepy how my genetic groups are getting "round up" in their database. 
I can't wait until tell me how much alien DNA they find in my profile;-)
And just where those green eyes of mine really come from:-)
I think I'll be a long time waiting for that answer somehow.
Wallpaper on my iPad of my Springsteen photo I took when he was blinded in Brisbane:-)
Overall I found the movie interesting and more so now after reading "the true story" behind it.
I found it interesting how I stumbled into watching
'Blinded by the Light' after writing my post about listening to Rupert Shelldrake on Bernie Beitman's podcast -
Morphic Resonance, Coincidence, Science And Spirituality?


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