" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 16, 2019

Pod-casters Standing on the Shoulders of Giants?

You're not the one who got you there buddy:-)
Being a regular podcast listener I've noticed a trend in shows that I once liked where the host of a particular podcast would feature chats with well known authors or pop cultural figures, which were interesting because of the guest that they managed to get on their podcast ... usually because the guest had a book or movie to flog at the time.
They have either consciously or unconsciously followed the
Joe Rogan/Richard Fidler model of podcasting, who are both great interviewers and know when to give their opinion and when to shut the f*ck up and let their guest talk.
Joe and Richard have almost become bigger celebrities themselves because of their interviewing skills and banter with big name celebrities.
But then there are the pod-casters who mistakenly think that you are tuning in to listen to what they have to say, rather than what their guests have to say.
And who every now and then don't feature a guest, because for some reason they couldn't find one, so decide to do a solo rant about some thought or topic from their own life.
That can be fun sometimes.
But then there are some pod-casters who think that they have rubbed shoulders with enough so called "gurus" in their life and had enough unique life experiences of their own that they can tell you, the listener, what life is all about and think that we listeners, who may have had our own unique life experiences really care what you think life is all about.
And it's like these pod-casters think they have all the answers, because they smoke a little weed and/or DMT, suck a few mushrooms, or puke buckets of vine brew in a forest.
That's usually the point I flick their podcast off my iPad list of podcasts knowing their ego has jumped the shark.
But then you hear them turn up on another podcast on your list as the guest of this pod-caster you used to listen to because of their sometimes interesting guests they would have on their show.
Take a listen for yourself if you don't believe me ... and tell me that was fun:-) -
Me & Paranormal You: Experience 283 - Noah Lampert, Imaginal Reality & The New Life
Could be fun hanging around to hear what happens when their shadow side comes to do battle though.
We all might learn something from that life encounter.
But then those who know rarely speak ... as they say:-)

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