" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 7, 2019

The Masquerade is Over and the Masks Are Coming Off: Going Beyond The Known with Paul Selig?

I just listened to the latest Guy Lawrence podcast featuring a guy named Paul Selig, who to me is an enigmatic person(a), somewhat akin to watching a good stage magician with an impressive act, but who seems to be claiming that the act is real -
The Guy Lawrance Podcast: Going Beyond The Known with Paul Selig
He certainly is one of the more impressive "channelers" out there at the moment, claiming to channel messages from "his" "guides" to the gullible audience members who can't seem to get into contact with "their" own spirit guides.
Paul doesn't even seem to trust what his own "spirit" guides are telling him to tell the others, and to me that's where the alarm bells start ringing.
He is either a clever con man raking in the $$$, or someone playing with something he knows not what.
If we all have our own holy guardian angels to guide us (which I kinda believe we all do) through our earth lives, then shouldn't we be trying to listen to them rather than listen to some guy's "spirit" guides tell you what you should be doing with your own life?
I haven't read any of Paul's books, and nor do I intend to.
And while I can't fault most of the stuff I have heard Paul say, apart from his own seemingly personal egoistic conflict with whether to believe these "spirit" guides or not, he seems rather hypocritical collecting eggs from his golden geese, which seem to be making Paul a very comfortable way of living in this lifetime of Paul's.
My gut feeling/guides/common sense seem to be telling me that his guides are nothing but Tricksters from God knows where ... and I'm sure God does;-)
Even Tricksters can tell you the truth at times (or at least what you want to hear), but usually not "their" whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Maybe, it's because I'm in the middle of reading
'Passport to Magonia' that I'm a little weary of what might be behind the mask of Paul and his Tricksters guides;-)
Or maybe I just don't trust channelers or people who get their messages through Ouija boards without really thinking about where those messages are coming from.
Happy Halloween ... hang on, what am I saying?
Halloween is over for another year, so it might be time to take the masks off and get ready for the holiday season that is fast approaching.
Happy Holidays:-)

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