" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 20, 2019

Living Life in Peace, Not Pieces?

Peaceful Dove Jigsaw Puzzle
Down The Rabbit Hole: Best of Guy Lawrance Podcasts of 2018
i just had to add an i in there, sorry Bill;-)
I stumbled on a great podcast this morning which I have to credit to my PiGS (Personal inner Guidance System:-) in this
Year of the Pig:-)
I'm currently reading Dean Radin's book 'Entangled Minds' and this morning I wanted to listen to a podcast while I did some boring housework.
I was feeling pretty agitated and wanted to listen to something to calm my mind and that was worth listening to, but none of the podcast shows I subscribe to on my iTunes list had a show to listen to with a subject that peaked my interest.
Then all of a sudden my PiGS oinked in my ear suggesting to put "Dean Radin" in the search engine for iTunes and up popped a podcast called 'The Guy Lawrence Podcast' where Guy had recently interviewed Dean.
But the thing is I'm sick of listening to podcasts featuring Dean Radin at the moment, I like Dean's work a lot, but I've heard his story all before and many times over.
I wanted to hear from someone I haven't heard before, so I listened to Guy's 'Down the Rabbit Hole' episode to sample what Guy thought were his most interesting interviews from the past year.
Guy kicked off that podcast with an interview with Bill Bennett, a guy I hadn't heard of before.
Bill had made a movie called 'The PGS Movie'.
I watched the trailer for that movie and it really resonated with me as I've had the same experience as Bill had when I was around 20 years old, sitting at a set of lights ready to hotfoot it away on a green light when an inner voice stunned me into not going through the intersection when I was intent on hitting the accelerator, only to watch a truck fly through the intersection on a red light.
I should have been under that truck if I had have followed my rational thought of speeding off. 
In that trailer the Indian guy below says, "when grace happens, life is not in pieces, it is in peace" and that clicked gracefully into place in my puzzling life experience for me.
I'm yet to watch Bill's film, but if this piece is all that I take away from it then it will be worth the  coin(cidence:-) for me to view it.
Ironically, as I was looking for other shows that Bill Bennett had been on to talk about his PGS movie I stumbled on an interview he had done with Gwilda Wiyaka, whose book I literally trashed yesterday -
Hodge Podge "Sharmanic Practitionering"?
I guess when it comes to life, one person's trash could be another person's treasure ... although with that book I doubt it, but WHO knows, right?-)
Peace Space Alien Jigsaw Puzzle
Screenshots from 'PGS The Movie'

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