" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 2, 2019

What a Payne: Part #Too?

Starring Rachel Griffiths
Do you get the feeling that some film projects are cursed from the get-go in a synchromystic sense?-)
Michelle Payne returning to scale after her historic, but now clouded Melbourne Cup win
What a Payne!?
What a blow to the rookie director Rachel Griffiths and her completed(?) film 'Ride Like a Girl' that could end up buried in the Darren Weir cheating scandal.
Starring Rachel Griffiths as Lorri Morris
Starring Rachel Griffiths as Ermine Jung
Rachel Griffiths as Grace Gibbs
It looks like Rach is dead unlucky when it comes to her first shot as a director of a major film project that looked like it was going to be a winner.
Starring Rachel Griffiths as Annie
Ironically I saw this news story below in the same February 1st, 2019 newspaper that mentioned the disgraced horse trainer in the sports section of that same newspaper which I used at the top of this post.
And in another irony, the front page of that newspaper was celebrating women in sport:-)
 And just for a little more synchromysticism the same newspaper had this pelican shot in it, which reminded me of another Australian film starring an actor who is fighting in the courts to clear his name from sexual misconduct claims.
Starring Geoffrey Rush as Ra 
Worm/Moon Signs?
Hmm ... February 26th?
Teresa Palmer as Michelle Payne in 'Ride Like a Girl' 
Michelle Payne
2:22 on 2/22?
You might want to watch Jake Kotze's 'Wormsign' synch film
But you might want to check out Jake's synch film
'Web of the Dark Night' since Andrew Knight was one of the writer's of the 'Ride Like a Girl' film and Sullivan Stapleton who plays the disgraced horse trainer Darren Weir in that film also starred in 'Gangster Squad'.
Starring Sullivan Stapleton as Pommie
Born in 1977, the 'Year of the Snake', by the way;-)
Starring Sullivan Stapleton as Jack Whalen
And ironically the Darren Weir scandal only came to light after the shooting of 'Ride Like a Girl' had finished.
I guess you can't win them all when it comes to real life, horse racing and movies ... even if you have a jigger up you sleeve, or not;-)
I guess that there will be no RUSH to get 'Ride Like a Girl'
out now?-)
Darren Weir charges cast shadow over new film about Michelle Payne, Ride Like A Girl
Starring Griffiths, Ledger and Rush
Such is life as someone once famously said;-)

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