" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 6, 2019

Put the Kettle on: Tea, Coffee or Signs?

WTF is that?!
I listened to the latest Dr. Bernie Beitman podcast where
Gary Wimmer confessed to pouring supposedly boiling water over his head to prove a point to his friends while they were waiting for it to boil so they could make tea -
CCBB: Gary Wimmer - Coincidence or Cause and Effect?
I wouldn't recommend doing what Gary did at home ... because I like coffee better than drinking tea, plus pouring boiling hot water over your head usually won't turn out a very pleasant experience I feel.
It's bound to leave you scarred for life in more ways than one.
My coffee routine most mornings
I was going to skip over this latest podcast of Dr. Beitman's with Gary, but I thought I would give it about 5 minutes before I decided to listen to the rest of it or not.
Bernie mentioned barber shop singers singing him a song about tea and coffee and since I was preparing a pot of tea to test out my new tea reading cup, I saw this as a sign that I should listen to the whole show, so I was stunned and shocked when Gary said he poured the boiling water over his head instead of letting it boil to make some tea a little later on in the podcast.
I'd bought this tea reading set at a local shopping centre (Big W) in their book department just before Christmas time, more in an effort to get myself into the habit of drinking tea than to be able to read my fortune from the drained tea leaves.
It's been sitting on my breakfast bench until the day I coincidentally decided it was time to make a pot of tea and do a reading just before listening to Dr. Beitman's latest podcast.
 My grandmother on my mother's side of the family used to drag me to tea shops in the Brisbane CBD with her and buy me tea and sandwiches to eat with her, then have our tea cups read after we had finished our meal.
I must have been about six or seven at the time and I just felt these tea reading ladies were taking her and the other customers for a sucker.
Nothing they ever told me came true apart from the bleedin' obvious predictions that anyone could tell you that might occur to a seven year old boy in his near future.
Still, these readers did a roaring trade for some reason.
I liked the sandwiches, but I've never liked drinking tea all that much, still don't.
I was curious as to what the "rules" were when it came to reading tea leaves and was actually much relived when Jane Lyle the author of the book that came with the cup wrote that you could use coffee grounds if you wanted to.
Thank you Jane as I was starting to think that the only thing I would be reading in the bottom of this cup in a few months time would be dust:-)
An owl?
The last time I attempted to make something out of what I saw in my tea cup was what I wrote about in this old post -
The Mistress of Magic and High Tea, Katelan Foisy
Katelan Foisy barely hanging on;-)
Not even the thought of a drop-dead gorgeous tea mistress could inspire me to keep drinking tea over coffee.
Old habits die hard as they say:-)
I don't even like those dumb-ass owls anyway.
It's not like I'm Mike Clelland, who would probably cream his tea if he saw an owl in his tea cup;-)
I'm into crows and magpies when it comes to my messengers, no matter what propaganda is written about them in tea reading books.
I'd even swallow what is written about swallows before I swallowed that crap written about a creepy owl.
I had to laugh though when I saw in the tea reading book that the eagle was right above the crow and that the advice for seeing a crow in your cup was to "take it easy", as my old mate Ken Peterson of the Travis Walton UFO fame, who is a fan of the 'Eagles' would always end his e-mails to me with the line "take it easy".
Ken Peterson, 2016 and Big Star Synchronicities
Ken Peterson, top centre
So maybe there is a message for me if I ever see a crow in the bottom of my tea/coffee cup in the future;-)
And while a lot of what Garry said in the podcast resonated with me in some way, I still remain skeptical until I see some proof of his abilities in some way, rather than here say ... like the six winning lotto numbers for this weekend;-)
I've heard as far as tea cup reading goes Garry has a pour head for making tea, but seems somehow to keep a cool head when reading the room;-)
As for my first tea cup reading with my new cup (see the picture right at the top of this post) I couldn't make out a thing and I still can't.
Next time I'll be using coffee grounds.

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